This week we got this amazing opportunity to get on an interview with Mr. Zeeshan Khan, who is our resident iOS expert. Zeeshan has been programming iOS apps for the last 7 years and holds experience in designing and development of iOS applications. He has been with Housing for almost an year and had displayed his coding and designing potential in several other companies in the past. Having exposure to all stages of Software Development Life Cycle, Zeeshan is equipped to understand Functional Requirements and Design Documents.

Here are his brief and concise answers for our questions.

When was the first time you encountered programming and realized that this is the thing which you would love to do for rest of your life?

The first time I encountered programming was in my college days. I right away fell in love with it, because I enjoy getting into the root of the system rather going through stories. Programming always gave me enthusiasm to work.

You had a long and exciting career in technology. Can you roughly tell us, how many candidates did you interview so far, also what is your usual process?

The count is around 30-40. I interviewed most of the candidates in my current company - As for the process, I always start with some data-structure and algorithms, because I believe it is the best way to test logic. Then I move to fundamentals before going into candidate's work experience.

If you have to hire a iOS Developer, what would you look for in a candidate during an one-on-one interview?

I believe how a candidate looks into a problem and design is as important as his coding skills. Then I make sure that the candidate is well versed with Objective-C and a good hold on iOS frameworks. Candidate's long term thinking is always important for any problem.

Check out Zeeshan's LinkedIn and Github profiles.