Jacob Harris is a motivated and results-oriented iOS developer. His work includes multiple complex, fully featured iOS apps, all built strategically to allow for easy expansion and efficient maintenance over time. With a background as a visual effects artist for feature films and commercials, Jacob is adept at working on dynamic, fast paced projects of any size. In person, he is charming, elegant and good-humored.

We got this amazing opportunity to share reciprocation of words with Jacob. Here is the excerpt from the conversation.

When was the first time you encountered programming and realized that this is the thing which you would love to do for rest of your life?

I started building Python tools while working as a digital artist on feature films. I realized that technical work was a great fit for me, so I pursued it. I eventually landed on iOS development, but I still use Python regularly.

You had a long and exciting career in technology. Can you roughly tell us, how many candidates did you interview so far, also what is your usual process?

I was never in a position to hire anyone while working for the studios, and all my iOS work has been freelance! However, I've personally been through enough interviews that I have a pretty good idea of what does and doesn't work. For example, "Tell me about yourself" isn't the worst question ever, but a more specific, pointed approach might reveal more about a candidate.

If you have to hire a iOS Developer, what would you look for in a candidate during an one-on-one interview?

It's important to have apps in the App Store. It shows that you can see a product through its entire life cycle. It's also important to get a sense of the candidate's technical skill. When did they last use a delegation pattern? How did using that pattern make the app easier to understand?

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