In this post I’ll be sharing six marketing strategies that worked for us at AirCTO. To tell me a bit about myself , I’m Himanshu and I handle marketing for AirCTO.

In the past year, we tried a lot of strategies to market AirCTO , some worked while other’s didn’t. But the thing we understood was until you try different strategies you won’t be able to identify what works and what doesn’t.

Also, there might be some things that might work for us, but might not work for you. Hence, it’s important to try and test different marketing strategies before coming to any conclusions.

1. Writing engaging LinkedIn posts

For a recruitment platform like ours, majority of our target audience (that is recruiters & candidates) are on LinkedIn. While we publish content even on Facebook & Twitter too, overall LinkedIn seem to be performing the best.

Hence, we decided to put our complete social media focus on LinkedIn.

After a lot of research and testing we found that :

1. Videos work better - LinkedIn tends to increase the reach of videos when compared to other content. Hence, we used a lot of videos on LinkedIn to increase our reach.

You can use tools like Lumen5 & Adobe Spark to create videos quickly & easily.

Note :

- Add subtitles if there’s someone speaking in the video. You can easily upload an SRT file.
- Keep the resolution of the video to either 2:1 and 1:1.

LinkedIn Video for promoting our Chatbot, Jarvis

2. Longer posts - Longer posts tend to work better. LinkedIn only shows first 115 characters on LinkedIn posts. To see further, you’ll need to click on See more.

So when you write interesting long posts, people tend to click on “See more”. This essentially boosts your post, LinkedIn sees this as an engagement signal.

3. Use relevant hashtags - You can even follow hashtags , as you follow companies on LinkedIn. Hence when you use relevant hashtags in your content, the post will reach to a new audience. But just make sure to use only 4-5 hashtags per post.

LinkedIn post showing a long post with relevant hashtags

There’s no use of spamming hashtags.

4. Initiate engagement - The toughest part of LinkedIn posts to initiate engagement. Your content really needs to be outstanding to get organic likes.

But you can manually initiate engagement by encouraging people to comment their opinions or specific word. This will help you get 10-20x your original reach.

Here’s an example :

Stats from one of our LinkedIn post 

In one of our LinkedIn post we encourage developers to comment "Yes", if they were interested in joining our developer community. The response was amazing, we were able to add over 140+ developers in around 2 weeks. The post reached to over 35 thousand people.

LinkedIn was responsible for 47% of  our total social media traffic. Also LinkedIn constitutes for almost 9% of total AirCTO’s traffic.

We are at 800 followers now.

AirCTO LinkedIn Page

2. Answering relevant Quora questions

More than 600 million people visit Quora every month. Quora is a great platform for creating awareness around your product.

This is reason you’ll see people asking questions such as “How was your experience with X company ?”

Although it’s better if  you can tell customers to answer such questions.
Over the past year we posted around 150 answers around Recruiting, Hiring and Candidates. Quora accounts for almost 9% of total traffic on AirCTO. Also, the answers get on an average 10k views monthly.

Quora profile 

Here are few tips to get more traffic on Quora :

1. Make sure not to answer questions that has more than 20+ answers. This is because there is little to no probability that you’re answer will show up in the top 5.

2. The in-depth you write, the better. Please add images and videos to increase the engagement on Quora.

3. Try to make use of Quora Wiki. If you feel your company or product can be added, then you can edit the Wiki and add the necessary links .

Note - Every Wiki edit is monitored by the Quora moderation team. Below is an example of how we added AirCTO in the list of most used Job Portals for Startup Hiring.

Quora Wiki 

4. Let your readers know about the upvoting system and how it can help push your answer, the same ways YouTubers ask their audience to subscribe.

All time views - Quora profile

3. Using LinkedIn Ads for lead generation

Paid advertising is the fastest way  of showing your product/content to your target audience. Organic traffic which takes months to drive traffic, with paid ads you can start driving traffic to your landing page in minutes.

In paid advertising we tried Adwords, Facebook Ads & LinkedIn ads to drive traffic to our website.

Surprisingly, LinkedIn Ads worked better than the other two. LinkedIn is undoubtedly best platform for generating leads.

Ad copy for one our Ads

The best part about LinkedIn ads is that it is damn simple to create an Ad. There are briefly two steps :

1. Setting up a target audience

2. Ad copy

Also, previous to this you can choose the Ad types, like Video ads, Image ads, carousel ads, Message ad etc.

Types of Ads

We tried Video ads, Image ads & Lead generation ads for AirCTO. Out of these Ad types, Single image ads worked the best for us.

Tips for LinkedIn ads :

1. Try to change ad sets after a particular time, lets say a month or two. This will help in increasing the engagement and number of clicks on that ad.

2. Try split testing different audiences to see which one performs better. The same strategy can be applied to ad copy. You can check below how we created 3 different adsets for a single campaign.

Adsets for one of our campaigns

3. Try to limit the text content to 115 characters. Extra character won't show in the ad before clicking on the "Read more" button

4. Leveraging the power of great Content

Content marketing is still one of the powerful ways of driving traffic and getting leads for your business.  While most businesses publish content on their blog, very few are benefiting from that content.

With thousands of blog posts are being published every hour, you really need great content to stand out. I am a firm believer of “Quality over Quantity”. It’s fine to write one or two blog posts a month, if you are able to write great & at the same time put your effort in heavily promoting the article.

Traffic in 5 days 

Writing in-depth not only helps you in getting traction initially but is very helpful for SEO too. If you are looking to rank on Google, it’s important to do a keyword research before writing any piece of content.

Link profile for one our blog post 

Creating a data driven content can be very useful in attracting visitors to your blog post. It can also land your backlinks from other blogs too.

Below is an example, the power of data driven post. This post shared by Atif Haider, our Founder got more than 7 retweets, 13 likes & bunch of comments.

One of our content was shared by the Cofounder of VC Firm BlumeVentures, Sanjay Nath. It got around 13 retweets and 28 likes.

When it comes to creating and promoting content, remember the 80:20 rule. Make sure to spend 80% of your time in promoting your content and 20% of your time in writing that content.

5. Leveraging Pop-ups to improve conversion rate

Many a times people focus so much on increasing website traffic that they forget about leads and ways it can be increased.

Imagine a scenario where :

Website X gets 100 visitors which accounts for 4 leads

Website Y gets 1000 visitors which accounts for 2 leads

Which is better ? Of Course the 1st one.

Hence, it’s not about getting more visitors but also to get more leads. Popups and Hellobars are incredibly useful in diverting the traffic to another page or a forum.

We use three major tools for popups - Sumo bar, Zotabox & Hellobar

Hello Bar

I personally like Zotabox as it gives you option to use multiple type of popups. The free version is more than sufficient for your basic needs.

Example of a Pop Up used on one of our Product pages

When using popups you can either :

1. Promote an offer for a specific product. We used it on our AirCTO Sourcing page to promote free profiles. We got more than 100+ form Typeform submission. These are 100 extra leads we got over a period of 3 months. Sweet, isn’t it :)

2. You can use popups to promote freebies & resources. These might be Ebooks, case studies and other type of resources.

3. You can use popups to announce a product or a feature upgrade. We used the Hellobar to get 4% of total visitors to visit our new product page.

4. Promote events and meetups.

6. Using communities to promote blog posts

Driving traffic to your new blog posts can be quite hard sometimes. But what’s the use of a content if there is no one to read it. At AirCTO we use multiple communities to drive traffic to our blog posts.

1. Facebook Groups

It’s hard to find a niche that doesn’t have a Facebook group. From gardening to cooking, you’ll find a group for every niche.

We shared one of our blog content on a startup community, Pushstart which got us a decent engagement and visitors.

Facebook Post

Just search on Facebook and you’ll find hundreds of Facebook groups around your niche. But a lot of groups have moderation, which means your post may or not published (depends on the admin of the Facebook group). Unfortunately, there’s no work around for this.

2. Reddit

Reddit receives over 1.5 billion page views every month. It’s a wonderful platform you can use to drive crazy traffic to your posts. I still remember getting over 7000 visitors in one day when one of our post got over 230+ upvotes on the programming thread on Reddit.

But when it comes to Reddit, content quality is very important. Also, make sure to craft a catching title for your post, to increase the click through rate.

3. HackerNews

If you write content around tech, then HackerNews is a great place to drive traffic. Unlike Reddit, HackerNews doesn’t have specific categories which makes very difficult for your content to stand out.

You can also use LinkedIn outreach to promote your content.


Hope you’ll take away a lot of lessons away from the post. These were some strategies we that worked for us. Also, we never stopped improving on the strategies that were working for us. This helped us to stay always on track.

Irrespective of the strategy you are using, your main focus should be on content. The better the content, the better the end result.