We have talked about many things related to the hiring process. From getting a job description to interviews. We even had the chance to look at the evolution of interview as a process from just a written test.

As a candidate, too many interview rounds mean too much stress. Where does this stress come from? Why is it that job interviews are the scariest of the processes? Some of us might have asked this question many times while most of us just went along with it.

== We are looking to avoid this! ==

To understand the why of the fear, we must understand what really is an interview?

An interview is two people talking in a formal way to know more about each other and use this knowledge to judge the other's fitness to work along. Basically, it is a dialogue between two which might give you a job and the company an employee.

The amazing thing about interview stress is you feel good when you come out of it. It gives your heart a temporary race to think faster and act faster like you would do in a hunt but here's no prey.

You go meet a stranger on a bus, if you find him interesting and trustworthy, you strike a conversation(at least that's what I do!). You don't feel scared like the maddest dog is chasing you on the streets. Because there is no reason to be. You have calmed your mind before you even started the dialogue.

What's different in an interview that's freaking you out? You meet the stranger, you judge him? Not that simple it is? You are not given time to analyze the stranger, so what does your mind do? It answers the questions at the same time analyzes the other person to understand and feel safe. Could you have avoided this? Definitely not like this!. Waiting for the one question to start perspiring is a bad if not the worst option.

You could have if you had given enough preparation time to the mind. This stranger you met on the bus was not preplanned yet the interview is. What does that mean? We have enough time to analyze the company go over the key persons in the company. With the advent of social media, it is easy to do the above but take this with a caveat.

Your interview starts the day you get the letter with the confirmation. Make sure you enter the interview hall not as a stranger meeting stranger, but as a stranger meeting a friend for a very healthy conversation.

Next time you sweat in an AC room, maybe we can set you up on a skype call for a healthier interview.