Thanksgiving is the time to express your gratitude. Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. Today let’s take this opportunity to express our appreciation to the HR space. Let us take a moment to reflect upon how the HR department and personnel have made our lives smoother and simpler.

HR Analytics

Talent analytics or HR analytics has been a buzz-word in the market. It is nothing but the application of data mining and business analytics practices to human resources (HR) data. We all know that the organization have precious data resources, but they are mostly scattered in different systems. And once the data systems are aggregated from disparate sources, they become important strategically and financially.
HR analytics has helped the companies establish a data-driven statistical relationship between the goals and initiatives. It has also helped the organizations device strategic goals and long- term strategies. You will be surprised to know that this has brought about a paradigm shift in planning and implementing the objectives and strategies for an organization.

HR Integration

Merging of strategic HR applications into one single system has brought about a huge difference to the way organizations perform. Disconnected systems like employee performance management, payroll management, training and learning management have been linked which help in the intelligent use of these HR systems.

The opportunities and breakthroughs that the organizations have achieved through this major steps are immense and commendable. You will be amazed that the whole organization reaps the benefits which are quite apparent and immediate. The integration helps for more insightful analytics, improved decision making and also a seamless experience for the users. Integration of HR systems has provided the executives with a more concurrent and comprehensive view of the business and the employees.


Pre-boarding has been a relatively new concept in the market. It has been defined as the process of laying the foundation for the first day of the new hire. Pre-boarding starts when the offer letter is accepted by the new hire and ends when he/she joins the organization. This was a neglected step till recently, and many a time the new hires do not turn up on their joining date. But today the HR is not ready to let their efforts to hire an employee to go waste. Once the offer is made to the candidate, the HR starts the pre-boarding activities like frequents follow up meetings, training, information emails, etc. This way the new hire is also excited and looks forward to joining the new company and prove himself. A candidate’s anxiety regarding payroll, culture, benefits etc. is addressed by the HR themselves. Sometimes the organization provides show up bonus – a compliment to the employee on his first day of office or after completing his 1st month at the office. All this ensures that organization doesn’t waste its efforts in hiring again and again and the new hire also feels encouraged and is found to be more committed.

Employee Empowerment

With the widespread use of smartphones, employee portals and performance dashboards, employees have been provided digital access to the HR information. These technologies help the employees help themselves. The intuitive, user-friendly interface is no longer meant for the HR personnel alone; rather it has become a key trend in the workforce management. The best part is that the employees now have 24/7 access to their payroll and HR information. They can track their performance, manage their benefits and even apply for day-off without the intervention of an HR personnel.

The Self-service HR technology has helped the employees and the HR to save precious time and also improve job satisfaction. Online access to the portal ensures timely performance reviews and a more open flow of thoughts.

Employee Wellness

I am sure all of us are concerned about our health and wellness. Did you know that your HR department is also concerned about the welfare of its employees? Today most of the offices take utmost care to ensure that the employees are healthy and robust. Special programs are conducted to inculcate the habit of exercise, healthy eating and meditation. Most of the organizations have gyms, yoga centres and dieticians apart from the regular doctor visits and medical care in the office premises. This encourages the employees to work out from the office itself and does not need to find extra time off for fitness. The employees can ease out on the stress through the games arena, meditation and counseling services. It also helps them avoid taking work tension home!

Don’t you think these are some remarkable benefits gifted by the HR sector? Well, I would say yes! So let’s not forget to send a thank-you note to the HR department who made our lives at the office a little more easy, a little more smooth and ensured a hassle free work life.

Happy Thanksgiving!