Any hiring process should not have any opaque barrier that holds your candidates from knowing the whole process. Companies should advocate the practice of being transparent at each interview stage. Telling your candidates “we’ll let you know” and not communicating the result not only is unfair but also degrades the credibility of the company.

Lets look at some possible ways to ease out the whole process at each stage.

Unfit Resumes

There are many instances where recruiters get unfit resumes for a job role. Thus, it becomes important to send a polite message that tells a reason as to why their job application is not selected for the next round.

But, why would someone pass on his/her resume for a role that is not even related? Of course, some candidates do send them just to try their luck at it, but what about others? Let’s shed some light on the issue.

Screening resume is the very first step in the whole hiring process. Or is it? Recruiters tend to be tied up at later stage of recruiting, so much so that they somewhat leave out the foundation of this long process - Creating powerful job description. One can not go about building anything without a proper groundwork, as it may result in something similar to leaning tower of pisa, but with a far greater leaning angle.

Your whole hiring process may collapse if you don’t put enough thought into creating a well explained job description. In fact, we have written a full fledged article on this very issue. Click here

First or second interview

You cream off the best resumes and take the first round of interview, but not all of them would advance further for the next round. Certainly, you let go some of the unqualified candidates. By this point you must have exchanged a few words, thus a personal email is required to let them know the result.

This particular activity builds a positive relationship with the candidates, who are at some level, spread their reviews among the industries through different channels. This is important because one channel could be a juggernaut of the influences like social media. You definitely do not want to take in bad word for your company in websites like Glassdoor.

Final round

If someone manages to get to the final interview then that candidate is more or less deserves an offer. One of the two main reasons that candidates don’t get through the final round is cultural fit. After all, there is no point in selecting candidates who would not align their work pattern according to the company's culture. The other reason is simply straightforward, no complexity whatsoever. Almost all firms work in this single ideology - Hire the best, thus if someone better in terms of skills and passion is present among the candidates then he/she stands very high chance of cracking the final battle.

Make sure to present these reasons to the candidates. Recruiter should not let them feel that they are the victims of unfair justice. Keep your hiring process transparent and crystal clear. Happy hiring!