No matter how busy your work is, if you love to do something, you would eventually manage to spare out the time for it. We couldn’t find a better example of it other than one of our Front-end expert - Jigar Dafda. Given his busy schedule, we managed to grab the sound bite from him. In a candid interview with Aircto, Jigar discusses his passion for interviewing, his best strategy to get the most out of the candidates, and other interesting aspects of the interviews.

Speaking of his academics, Jigar has done his engineering from the National Institute of Technology, Surat where he studied computer engineering. He has developed the passion of knowing frontend technologies, so much so, that he only wanted to explore the opportunities in the front-end domain.

He has been leading the web team at Shopsense Fynd for more than a year making all technical decisions on the front-­end side. Prior to Shopsense, he was working at Autodesk as a Software Engineering Consultant. There is hardly anything that Jigar is unaware of in the front-end domain. He was engaged working in the plethora of frameworks and libraries such as AngularJS, jQuery, LESS, RequireJS, PrototypeJS, Jasmine (Behaviour/Test driven development - TDD/BDD), protractor(integration tests), GruntJS, Jenkins(Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment) etc. He also gives his hands down to ReactJS, the Javascript library that he likes the most because of the flexibility that it provides to the developer.

Jigar heavily emphasizes on having the strong basics when it comes to gauging the skills of the candidates. “If you have your basics strong then you can quickly switch to one framework to another. Given the fast pace of frontend technologies, it is required to get your groundwork right. It makes you a strong developer when you have geared up your basics.” The second parameter for him is to see how the candidate approaches the problem. “I always have a keen interest in knowing the approach and logic to the answers of the candidate.”

The one thing that he never incorporates while assessing the candidate is their project work. “It is a well known fact that candidates do the work of simply copying and pasting in any project work, and moreover, one can have seamless access to the online tutorials for it, which is why projects are not the right parameter to gauge the real talent of the candidate.”

If you want to know more about Jigar, then you can always visit his Linkedin profile here.