Recruiting for the apt talent is not a cake walk. To many, it is just sourcing from the database and picking up the phone to call people in for interviews. Not many are aware that what all it takes for talent acquisition.

Recruitment is majorly classified into two – Technical and Non-Technical. Non – technical involves hiring for sales, creative, business development etc. On the other hand, Technical hiring involves hiring of techies like software engineers, tech leads etc.

While non-technical hiring is not that big of a challenge as generally the skill sets involve soft skills. But there is humongous efforts involved when it comes to hiring for a person with technical skills.

This makes me recall one such incident that taught me a lesson. I was once working on a position that required a person with certain set of alien skills. These skills were some technical jargons.
After having a discussion with the business person, the only understanding that I had of the requirement were some terms that I had jotted down in my notepad during the discussion.

Now the challenge was that I was only aware of what all requirements were needed in that profile. To name a few JAVA Script, Mongo DB, Magento etc. But I had no idea how to begin with. Anyhow I sat down to look for folks having these skills by searching the database and typing in the skills required in the keywords section. A hundred of profiles showed up, honestly to me all of them looked almost similar. I mean I had a tough time picking up the best in the lot as I wasn’t aware how to categorize the best.

After further screening, I narrowed down to a couple of profiles. Next task was to pick up the phone and connect with them. After a couple of conversations, I realized that I need to do more research for these profiles as the conversations lead to a lot of technical discussions which went over and above my head.

I researched more and sat again with the business people to have a better understanding around the same. But as I had the telephonic conversations with the candidates again, I felt am back to square one.

However even after all this struggle. I managed to arrange a couple of interviews with the Techies (Developers and Engineers) on a Saturday. Out of 10 people they interviewed, the result was that they found only 2 such candidates whom they thought that could be considered. Please note these 10 candidates were my best bets and none of them fit the requirements.

Later we had an internal meeting as to why we could not find some good candidates and I was answerless. There always these times in every recruiter’s life when they have been briefed on the position requirements but still they can’t really reach to the best fits as they lack the technical understandings.

This episode ended as the developer guy who was interviewing referred one of his class- fellow and he happened to be the best fit. All I was left with was the discontentment as I couldn’t fill in that position.

There are many such times we go through similar pains and to name a few following are the major reasons for them:

Inadequate Knowledge

Coming from a non-technical background and hiring for a hardcore technical skill set requirement becomes a challenge given the inadequate knowledge.

Lacks being Up to date with the Technical Industry

The world is evolving and the Technical field is evolving at a much faster rate. This requires the recruiters to be up to date with the industry to understand its nuances and how it operates. Being up to date and having a sound knowledge can really come to rescue for the recruiters.

Basic knowledge of roles and responsibilities

Usually, it is the skill set which is communicated to the recruiters and they lack the basic role of the technical person that they are hiring for. If there is enough knowledge provided to recruiters then this gap can be bridged.

Lack of wider horizons

Recruitment system in India hasn’t widened its horizon. There isn’t enough training for recruiters to aid them in hiring for technical people.

Calling in incapable candidates in the interview and wasting the time of the developers and engineers is an age old problem. The base of the problem lies wherein the recruiters lacks sound technical knowledge. But with right kind of training and knowledge transfer this problem can be fixed so that there are no such gaps.

This will not only help on saving the time of the interviewers but also help the recruiters on improving their understanding at a broader level.