Your brother or sister might have requested multiple times to join your organisation, but you always fall in the deep thought about the repercussions that it can bring. Yours is a genuine concern because it does have a lot of unwanted consequences that may disrupt the harmony in your organisation. But on the other hand, it is fun working with your siblings, as you might share the strong bond with them. There could be both pros and cons in this decision, so let's go each one of them.

Motivating them is a no-brainer for the employer

One of the greatest advantages of having a family member in your team is that you are already aware of their overall personality. Thus, the task of motivating them is merely a piece of cake for you. It may not sound something important now, but it could be the biggest challenge if your employee loses interest in the work. You can always expect top-notch work from a highly motivated employee, but the things can go drastically downhill if you couldn’t manage to motivate your employees. You need not worry about this particular task if you have a cousin or your siblings in your company.

Equality in the team is at risk

There is one thing that would come straight into your mind when you consider hiring one of your family member - Equality. There is no doubt that your family member is entitled to have some extra privilege and it may cause disruption in your team. The Majority of managers does not hire their family members because of this very reason. Equality should be maintained in any team, and if you are planning to hire maybe your brother, then you must convey him the rules that are applicable to everyone.

Absence of employee-employer relationship

It is extremely hard to maintain the professional relationship and attitude with your family members because of the bonding that you may share with them. You can certainly adjust with someone who is not much close to you, but you certainly can’t maintain the professional relationship with your siblings. If you are absolutely certain to hire one of your family members then it is always better to talk about the kind of attitude and language that should be used in the workplace. If you are a kind of person who is strict towards the hierarchy in the office then you should definitely avoid this kind of hiring.

Personal relationship is at risk

Spoiling your personal relationship with your family member is the last thing that you want to have in your life. Your fear may become true if you are planning to hire your family members. Any professional antipathy holds the potential to destroy your personal relationship outside the office. It is highly advisable to keep your professional life and personal life separate from each other, but it becomes inevitable when there is a spark of hatred between you two. Hence, you must consider this factor before you go about hiring one of your family members.

Compromise on skills and education

You must have a plethora of interview round and a solid process which vet the skills of the candidate. In fact, you want only best hire in your organisation and hence you might want to go for service like that of Aircto. But, all the efforts in these top-grade screening is of no use when there is one family member present as the candidate. You tend to neglect or ignore the weak points which could affect the whole interview process. The presence of a strong bias should not be welcome in any interview process. This particular article sheds some light on consequences of having bias in the interview. Do we have a bias?