When it comes to startups, AngelList is a name well-known to everyone, be it the Founders, Investors or employees. To date, over 1,800 startups have raised more than $700M through Syndicates on the AngelList platform, receiving more than $6B in follow-on funding. AngelList was connecting startups with investors as early as 2010 and launched online syndicates in 2013.

Though started as an online introduction board for tech startups that needed seed funding, AngelList is undoubtedly one of the most used job platforms by startups for tech and non-tech hiring. In India alone, there are 4396 startups who are hiring on AngelList and the number speaks for itself. One can use AngelList to hire for different positions like engineering, marketing, sales, operations etc.

But, is AngelList really the best place to hunt for techies? To put it in another way, are they optimized for tech-hiring?

Let's find out.

Too Generic Job Page

According to our developer survey, there are certain things a tech person might search for while looking for a new job, few of them might be

  • More information about the tech-stack
  • A deeper look into the tech-team
  • Technical founders, if any. And if you’re a non-tech founder, then the attributes which can help you attract the tech talent

And all these are pieces of information which cannot be provided if you have a common job listing page for all, which in Angel looks like this,

Is AngelList useful for startup technical hiring? An Alternative to Angel.

If you go into each one of the jobs, they have almost the same format.

Is AngelList useful for startup technical hiring? An Alternative to Angel.

The UI is pretty generic with the basic information being in form of text, you cannot customize or put images in your JD. Also, there is no way you can let the candidates know about your tech-team in specific.

This is one of the problem faced by all the startups, attracting quality talent in the inbound way. At AirCTO, we have solved this problem for companies like ZeOmega, by creating a dedicated tech-careers page for them. It looks something like this,

Is AngelList useful for startup technical hiring? An Alternative to Angel.

Result : Traffic growth of 35.7% in one month, applications increased by 17%.

Lack of curation

You can be assured that you’ll get plenty of profiles from Angel, that too free of cost. But, don’t be shocked when you see someone with an experience of 2 years applying for the position of tech lead. On the other hand, the truly qualified candidates might be applying as well. So, that is an extra work of separating the wheat from the chaff.

We wanted someone for the position of Frontend Developer (2+ years in React.js), and most of the applications that we received looked like this.

Is AngelList useful for startup technical hiring? An Alternative to Angel.

It’s a waste of time and effort on the part of the recruiter.

Considering you have three technical positions open, and you receive 5 applicants on a daily basis and more than 80% applications look like this(like in our case), imagine the hours you or your recruiter are going to end up wasting.

At AirCTO, we have a process of curating the applicants before they get sent to your inbox. After a candidate applies, our scanner looks in his resume and activates his application only if he passes the scanner score.

What is scanner score?

Scanner Score is a part of AirCTO Sourcing. For example, you want to hire a backend developer with skills like python, SQL, DBMS, system architecture etc. And, you receive, say 50 applications for this position. It would take you a long time to scan through each.

Scanner goes through the resumes of the applicants and gives them a proper score matching with the job description. You can shortlist the candidates based on scanner score.

It looks something like this,

Resume Score not only shows you the accurate measurement of the quality of a resume but also saves you a lot of time.


This is the part which eats up a lot of time both for candidates as well as recruiters. And more often than not, it's not clear. Though you can find candidates in AngelList, communicating with each one of them manually for the basic details becomes a heavy task.

The thing is that most of the questions like current CTC, expected CTC, Notice period etc are very generic and can easily be automated, but unfortunately this feature is not available in AngelList.

At AirCTO, we are trying to solve this problem with the help of Chatbots, where you can initiate chat with the candidates that you like and you get a sorted our recorded response like this,


The free version gives you candidates who are not really likely to convert(again, there can be exceptions). You cannot also browse effectively on different criterias like current location, desired salary etc. And without it, finding candidates is more like throwing pebbles in the dark. If you want to use any of the criterias, here is the pricing for that

Is AngelList useful for startup technical hiring? An Alternative to Angel.

$119 a month amounts to Rs 7735, and that includes only browsing through candidates. It lacks seriously on these factors

  • It just allows you to search random candidates, you have a major work to do over there
  • It’s your responsibility to generate interest, it might be the case that you pitch 100 and noone is interested
  • Your HR team has to take up the subsequent process, there is no tool to effectively shortlist the candidates.

Also, this amount is quite costly for small startups just considering the case of browsing candidates. Besides, there is a opportunity cost involved cause you pay for a full-time recruiter to take care of the shortlisting and screening process.

At AirCTO, we are trying to solve this major problem by a 3 step method.

Sourcing - Screening - Chatbot

You need candidates? Relevant, technically strong and interested profiles? Well, we can do that for you with our sourcing product wherein we find, engage and attract quality candidates to apply for your company.

If you already have candidates, we help you in screening them with our scanner based on your job description and assign a quality score against each one of them.

Want to know more details about the candidates, like project involvement and all? Instead of calling and taking notes you can automate the process using AirCTO Chatbots.

All the above three steps make sure that you end up with only very very relevant profiles. After that, you can proceed with interviews.

Unlike AngelList, where any candidate can setup their profile for free, our system analyses the job requirement intelligently and match against the candidate to get the most quality developers for you.

What we tried to do over here, was to solve the entire tech-recruitment problem, and not just a part. And that’s what we think the major problem is.

We always try to solve one or more parts of a problem, but when there are two or three different people solving two/three different parts, more often than not the original problem doesn’t get solved at all.

You can use Angel if you can afford to spend your time on recruitment or if you can hire someone to do that. But, as a startup, one needs to measure and spend. In the end, the aim should be on getting ten people and hiring one of them, rather than wasting your time on 100s.