“We have not been able to hire quality software developers through our inbound recruitment efforts. The applications that we receive on our careers page are not relevant. What should we do to hire the kind of developers that we want?”

More than 75% of our clients would come up to us with this question. Their career page didn't seem to be working as they wanted them to. As we spoke to more people, we realized that this is a big problem. So, we decided to pick it up and solve it.

Initially, we had the idea to build a tech-specific jobs page for companies with features like Great User interface with zero complexity, proper job categories, Centralized content etc. The job pages were working out pretty good in terms of traffic and applications since we already have a good candidate traffic on our website. But, it felt like we were missing something since the results were good but not great as we had expected.

It was important to identify the proper user segment, which in this case, were mostly software developers, software engineers, testers, basically the tech-folks. We all know, how difficult it is to hire a good engineer in this competitive market. The thing, is most of them are not actively looking for jobs, which makes it even more difficult to get them to apply.

These are the learnings we had from launching our jobs page, and we decided to work on a better solution by directly targeting the candidate segment.

What is the problem? Struggle to attract talent

We wondered, what are the criteria that a technical person is looking for while he is searching for a job. So, we created a short survey where we asked about 575 software developers, senior architects, senior testers, DevOps Engineers, Data Scientists etc that what do they primarily look for while they are applying for a job. This is what the survey said,

  • They want to know about the Company
  • The stage in which the company is presently
  • The kind of product that the company is building
  • The technology that the company is using and what are they doing in that tech-stack
  • Hiring process
  • Engineering Team behind the product

What surprised us the most was that about 80% of them did not even mention the compensation and attractive benefits as their primary criteria. 73% of them mentioned that they want to know more about the Tech-Team that he would be working for. 97% of them mentioned that they want to know about the product and the tech-stacks that the company is using.

The current solution: job posting sites & Generic career page


We speak with hundreds of recruiters and tech-professionals every month. Most of the recruiters say that the profiles that they receive from Naukri is highly irrelevant. Infact, one of them even mentioned that out of 100 profiles sourced from Naukri, he could only consider 4 people for the interview. Same is the story from the candidate’s side. Most of the good developers have no Naukri profile mainly because they are tired of the irrelevant phone calls from recruiters. Also, Naukri’s job matching criteria is highly debated. Now, let’s look at the job posting page provided to you.

Introducing Tech Oriented Careers Page

You cannot make out a lot from this tiny job description and it needs some serious enthusiasm. Also, in the company profile, 5 paragraphs were written of the Company business, revenue, regional presence, and nothing was mentioned about the founders, the tech-stack or anything that would make one hit apply.

It talks about free lunch, fun loving team and everything that is jargon for a developer and wouldn’t entice them to apply for the job. Developers don't care much about it. They would like to know what tech stack the company is using, what are you doing with that tech stack, what business challenges you’re solving, engineering tech mates, and some words from the tech team members and the hiring process.

The Goal of your careers page is to entice developers to hit Apply to that job`


Hirist is used by a lot of tech-companies and startups for posting their Engineering jobs. There are three primary fields. One line about the company, responsibilities and requirements. These lines are not quite sufficient to attract good talent.

Introducing Tech Oriented Careers Page


We feel it’s a good platform, but they have few disadvantages. Their template is very generic with loads of free-text.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and when it comes to capturing your candidate’s attention, you want to take full advantage of every chance to communicate your message. Short attention spans have made lengthy explanations less effective.

Introducing Tech Oriented Careers Page

Our solution - Tech-Careers Page

The message was very clear from the survey, you cannot have a common careers page for the technical and the non-technical roles. The technical people are looking for something very different like information about your tech-stack which you cannot include in the common careers page. You need a page dedicated to and focused on your engineering team. After analyzing all the existing problems, we decided to build a career page which will only focus on the technical positions.

Our engineering team did a lot of brainstorming, and then we had the idea of the layout. We call it the “Tech-careers” page. Firstly, we jotted down the important data points that matter to a developer before hitting that apply button, and secondly we listed them down in a fitting order.

About the company

This is a part which anyone will be interested in. But, we decided to keep this section short, i.e about 4-5 lines only.

Introducing Tech Oriented Careers Page

Building that matters

Today, major part of the candidate pool consists of the millennials who care more about the impact of their contribution rather than anything else. In this section, the company can speak about the product they are building or the service that they are providing and how is it impacting the consumers. It should be positioned in such a way, so that the candidates can see the broader perspective of how their work matters.

Introducing Tech Oriented Careers Page

Current openings

The target audience here are the engineers, and all the open positions should be showcased to them. There are two primary reasons why we choose to have this field, first, the engineers themselves might be interested in another related position, and secondly it becomes easier for them to refer their friends. It’s for getting a quick overview of all the vacancies.

Introducing Tech Oriented Careers Page

Hiring process

We speak to 1000s of tech-candidates every months and we have seen that a lot of them are worried about how long the process is going to take or how many rounds will the selection process be, since they have to deal with notice-period, knowledge transfer session etc. Therefore, we decided to include the hiring process section where the company can be more transparent about their recruitment circle.

Introducing Tech Oriented Careers Page

Tech stack & why does it matter

Most of the companies miss out on this part and none of the existing job boards showcase this feature, which is very important for a developer. It's imperative that you use your tech stack as a marketing tool to lure top talent. For example, if you are using new stacks like Golang or Elixir, you can attract the talent who are looking for something new.

Introducing Tech Oriented Careers Page

Besides mentioning the tech-stacks in your career page also talk about what interesting you are doing with them. Java and Python are just languages, but you can show how they can impact real people and real lives.

Here is an example, “ We build highly scalable healthcare products which impacts millions of life. We primarily use Java & Python as our language with Django and Spring as the framework.”

Looks enticing, right?

Tech-team Details

Peer-peer learning being a very important factor, every candidate wants to know more about his peers, their background, the work that they are doing etc. Introducing your tech-team in our tech-career page will help the candidates to feel connected with you even before they apply.

Introducing Tech Oriented Careers Page

Tech-Team Testimonials

Everyone wants to know about the company culture, the kind of life at a particular company etc. Testimonials from your tech team can provide a direct glimpse into your company culture and boost up the motivation of the candidates for applying.

Introducing Tech Oriented Careers Page

Engineering Blog

A link to the engineering blog link is provided in the end.

Introducing Tech Oriented Careers Page

How is an engineering blog link going to help you in creating a prominent careers page? It's a very effective and subtle way to attract candidates by showcasing your company’s technology, people, and engineering culture. For instance, it can highlight the technologies being used at the company, the types of technical challenges candidates might help solve, and the personalities of the engineering team and culture of the company.

Traffic Analytics

We also have a feature where you get a detailed analysis of the kind of traffic that you are getting on AirCTO tech-career page, which includes views, applications and several other things. It gives you a better view of how your tech career page is working so that you can make changes accordingly.

Recently, one of our clients came up to us with the same problem, they were unable to attract proper talent on their careers page. After a lot of discussion, our team designed a new and personalized tech careers page for them. This is how their old careers page looked like

Introducing Tech Oriented Careers Page

And this is how their page looks now. You can view the full tech-career page from here

Introducing Tech Oriented Careers Page

As technology companies, we all strongly believe to build a great technology company, we need to have a great engineering team and that takes a lot of effort to attract talent. In order to attract top talent you need to have an enticing Careers page focussed on Technology which will encourage candidates to hit Apply for this job button.

Let’s share what developers wants to know about your company and help a new member join your tech team with confidence today through AirCTO Tech careers page. Request a demo now!