At Aircto, we thrive to offer the best customer experience precisely because we believe in empathy and want to cover that extra mile to offer our customer a world class product. So, we have been working on a couple of new features for over a month now, and today I would like to take this opportunity to share the details with our existing customers on those features.

Aircto Priority

First things first, we have been constantly getting requests from our prestigious customers to do some of the interviews within 24-36 hours, which makes sense since they sometimes get candidates who are open to join them immediately and the company is willing to close that open position considering it as a top priority. Some of those emails looked like this:

Another one:

Moving forward, it became evident to support this feature on our system itself where the priority of a interview is declared. So, today we launched this feature and below are two major points on this:

  • The customer needs to decide the “Method” as Standard Interviews or Priority Interviews while setting up interviews. We conduct Standard Interviews somewhere between 3 - 5 days and the Priority Interviews will be conducted within 24 - 36 hours.

  • The Pricing for the Standard Interviews remains as it is. But, the Priority Interviews will be charged 1.5x of Standard Interviews.

So, the obvious question is - why 1.5x for Priority Interviews? The reason is, we need to pull in our interviewers on the high priority since they have a couple of interviews already lined up for them. Hence, we have to make the interviewers available at such a short notice.

Simplified way to add Job Profile

Our current job description form was very subjective and boring at the same time which was getting tougher for our customers to put in all these details and eventually creating reports for our interviewers. So, today we’re launching a very objective and pointed way to tell us about the job profile you want the candidates to be interviewed for. The job profile has been divided into 3 sections:

Seamless way to browse and search candidates

Last but not the least, we have built a faster and sophisticated way to browse through the candidate's list which you have uploaded to our system. Here is a screenshot of the new candidates listing page:

Few of the interesting functionalities which we have integrated are as follows:

  • Filter candidates: We have added a couple of filters (Status, Jobs, Date, Method) which can help you to browse through the candidates list faster than ever.

  • Search candidates: We have integrated a search functionality that can help you to find candidates by their first/last name and email.

  • Archive candidates: Now, you can archive the candidates whose interview has been conducted, so that you don’t see them repeatedly on the same list. Though, you can always unarchive those candidates.

  • Chat about a candidate: Our customers and our team communicate on individual candidate and that happens very often through email or notification from our system which is very cumbersome and unstructured. So, we have introduced the chat system which works for each candidate through which our customers can communicate and see the old messages.

  • Move candidates: Sometimes, the candidates go into the wrong job profile while setting up the interviews. So, no need to delete and re-upload now. You can simply move the candidates from one Job Profile to another.

  • Edit candidates: Often it happens that the candidate’s email address or phone number is not present in the resume at all. In that case, we cannot initiate the interview process without the Phone number or email address. So, now you can easily put in those details right from our system.

We hope you enjoy the new experience on Aircto. We look forward to your feedback.