When you like working on something so much, you somehow manage to take out time for it out of your busy schedule. Well, Mr. Vivek Manjunath is a firm believer of this very quote, "No one is busy in this world. It’s all about priorities." He does know how to manage his priorities and enjoy what he loves to do - interview. Before I embark on a mission to talk about his interviewing style and tactics, let me give you a brief introduction of him. Mr. Vivek is our star iOS interviewer who has an immense passion for interviewing candidates. He holds the position of Chief Technical Officer at Tubs Systems LLP, Bangalore where he works with cutting edge technologies to develop iOS apps for the insurance sector that used agile development methodology, code quality, and testing, and of course, helps us in the interview process at aircto.

Having more than 8 years of experience, Vivek knows in and out of iOS development which makes him the ideal choice of iOS expert at aircto. Speaking of his academics achievement, he completed his masters in informatics from the University of Bonn, Germany.

In a short interview with aircto, Vivek sheds some light on his passion for programming and how he decided to go in the career path of iOS development. “I got my first apple device - iPod touch 2nd gen, which I instantly fell in love with. It's flawless UI and the way device responses is simply amazing. That was the moment I decided to go into iOS application development”

iPod Touch

Vivek has done umpteen number of interviews for iOS application and he does know how to get relevant information from the candidate, which becomes really handy while comparing the skills of two or more candidates. Interestingly, Vivek believes in the fact that an interviewer must identify a good programmer who has an extensive knowledge in Data Structures and Algorithm. Because then you can make the candidate work in any language. He confirms his statement by adding

== "Programming language is just a tool. One must know the intricacies of data structures and algorithm to be a good programmer" ==

These are the initial test for him. The next step is to gauge the knowledge and skills in Swift programming language. He also mentions some other important topics that the candidate must be aware of, which are memory management and experience in the multithreaded environment.