Everybody starts from zero. The same goes for companies too.

Over the past year, we have served over 200+ companies both medium & large sized enterprises.

We personally feel that a new company is equally important as an established MNC. Having helped numerous companies both small and big in the past, we wanted to help even more Indian entrepreneurs.

According to Forbes -

“Micro firms with one to four employees account for an average of 20 % of new jobs each year. Without the jobs they create, yearly employment growth would be negative.”

If you talk about only India, it’s the 4th largest base for startups in the entire world.

According to Inc -

One of the main reason why startups fail in India is due to a “Weak Tech Team”.

We are on a mission to change this.

But why we are telling you this?

We are telling this because we feel that a lot more support is required by companies especially when it comes to recruitment. Hence, we are glad to announce our collaboration with InstaOffice.

According to the partnership, we are providing a 20% discount to all InstaOffice customers.

Our only goal is to help more and more companies with Technical Hiring.