Over the last 4 weeks, we have been working on a couple of new features with an aim to improve the quality and experience of the interviews we conduct at Aircto. Primarily, we focussed on making the interview reports more objective and integrating new technologies to make the interview calls faster.

New Interview Report Format

We have been offering ad hoc interview reports powered by Google docs since the inception of Aircto. Earlier, our report was in a free text format where expert had to fill in the feedback on the candidate after the interview on different required skills for the job. It had a couple of issues:

  • Tedious for the experts to fill in the reports which added to more delays in submitting the reports.

  • Chances of typos and errors were high.

  • Not friendly enough for the customers to go through the report.

  • Report data was unstructured which our system couldn't learn from it as we moved forward.

In order to improve the experience for our customers and experts, we took up the challenge to make the interview report more objective for our customers and enticing enough of our experts to fill in the reports. Our design team went through several iterations and we finally ended up with a format. And this is how it looks now:


With this new report, the rating is given based on specific skills which are part of the job description. The rating goes as Poor, Average, Good or Excellent with a final verdict on the candidate as "Good fit" or "Bad fit".

Knowlarity + Aircto

At Aircto, we conduct interviews through Phone or Video calls. For the video calls, we have been mostly relying on Google Hangouts. But for the Phone calls, our customer success team needed to manually make calls to the candidates and the experts, and put them on a conference call which would eventually be recorded on our phones. It had been good so far with a limited number of interviews. But as we scaled, it became evident that we needed to find ways to do concurrent interviews which are automated and can handle our growing demand. So, we evaluated a couple of options and ended up with Knowlarity. The integration with Knowlarity hasn't been a welcoming experience (typical corporate delays) but that didn't kill our spirit to launch this. Finally we managed to get it up and running.


So, now our experts can directly make the interview calls from the application which eventually calls the candidate and the experts (to their mobile). The entire call is recorded and the detail is sent back to our server once the interview call is over. The flow and the process have become more robust and now we're able to do numerous concurrent interviews. Voila!

We look forward to hear your feedback as you start using these features. Signing off for now, I will be back with more new updates very soon. :-)

Do check out aircto.com, if you still haven't.