HR seems a glam job to a lot of people. Trust me I get to hear this very often that – “you are in HR and what do you do in office? All you have to do is- come all dolled up and speak nicely to people”

I wonder why people think that HR’s job is a cake walk. Not only do they ridicule HR professionals but also feel that they are the most useless fellows of the office.

To chuck away all the preconceived notions, here we are to tell all those people what an HR does.

Now let’s talk some business here. Firstly don’t forget that these HR people help you get that dream job or offer from ideal company of yours. It all starts from making the talent meet the right opportunity. That where HR comes into the scenario. Recruiters look for the desirable skill set for the job opening and calls the candidate to check if they are exploring any opportunities. Yes, they are the first person to get in touch with you probably from your dream company to which you have very desperately applied in.

Once you are connected with the HR person, the following pointers are taken care of:

Touch base in Organization

HR is the company’s face for you. Which is why it becomes all the way more important to get the chord set right in the first go as you don’t want to kill the very first connect within the company. You will not only have to connect with them pre joining but also every now and then once you have joined in.

Information provider

The wikipage of the company (quite literally). You will not only ask all the information related to job and offer but also the miniscule details related to the company policies. No matter how old you get into an organization you always need a savior who can help you on last minute unplanned leaves and what not.

Baby sitter and hand holder

Recall the very first day at work and how nervous you were. Unaware of the company policies, environment, its people etc. and one person who acts as your guardian angel is that HR whom you choose to call good for nothing. He/she makes you comfortable around and lets you a smooth entry into the organization.

Festival Fiesta

Organizing events during the festive seasons isn’t a child play. When you are busy buying fancy candles for Diwali, HR folks are running their thought-mills to choose and pick gifts for employees, arrange the decorations, making the last minute arrangements etc. But the employees are never grateful for any arrangements done as they feel that this is HR’s job. Trust me, HR is a very thankless job.

Petty issues

Step into HR person’s shoes for a day and you will know what pain it is to deal with petty issues like attendance not marked, cafeteria issues, ID related issues, birthday mailers not only just that I have had heard issues like –“ I am not happy with my bay area where I am seated, as it isn’t per Vastu Shastra”

Salary Clarity

Each of the component of your CTC are explained to you in detail and every time the salary is processed, all the queries related to the same are addressed by these pleasant people. Not just once but like ten times. That is the time when you have all the queries related to the deductions, tax planning, benefits etc. and you come running to the least useful team of the organization.


That time of the year when you expect some heaviness in your wallet. Obviously after the performance reviews and continuous discussions, final appraisal letters are rolled out. HR Team have to be in constant touch and do a vigorous follow up with your bosses to get your appraisals done in time. So that you can buy the car that you have been planning for quite some time but have been pushing it till the appraisal.

I am sure by now you must be nodding your head in affirmation to all those pointers where HR team helps you. These were very few areas, if we try to provide you the list of all such areas then probably you will need a lot of time to finish reading that.

Lesson learned

Value the team that is trying to make your life easier by putting things in place for you in the organization. Next time you see any HR person passing by, have the courtesy to greet them nicely.