What does it take to become successful? Is it the hard work, or is it just mere luck? The chance of the latter one is really minute but yes you can be on a path of success if you love what you do with sheer hard work.

But, it doesn't give you the certainty. Right? You would have various thoughts as to whether your hard work will pay off or not.

If you are one of these people then it is the high time that you switch to what we call the intelligent hard work.

This is the kind of work that you do with the help of different skill sets in order to perform the same amount of work in much more organised, time-efficient and with result oriented approach.

Social recruiting skills

We all are aware of the fact that sourcing is darn difficult. One of the obvious reason for such disheartened activity is dull or no response to a request by a stranger. People generally don't pay much heed to someone they don't know.

Even if they are interested in the opportunity, but since the news has come from an unknown source, they can't simply rely on it. Hence, making a professional relationship over social media channels like LinkedIn is important.

Let them know who you are even before introducing the job description. One good way is to write useful information for the candidate on the LinkedIn blog. Or, you may want to write a helpful comment on candidate’s query.

Marketing Skills

It would be no exaggeration to state that the HR managers are the brand ambassador of open job positions. The onus of closing open positions is completely on them. Certainly, this will require some strong skills.

The presence of common HR skills is not enough to crack the successful hiring milestone. They need something extra that justifies the growing hiring demand for today. What is it? They should introduce the significant facet of marketing skills in their pre-requisite list.

Do you have friends in the marketing team? If no, then you should befriend them for your own benefit. Ask them to help you in learning some crucial marketing tactics to attract the attention of target market.

Acumen of adapting new technologies

With the advent of new technologies, tasks associated with human resources have been changed drastically. The manual work has been reduced significantly, which has given the room for more strategy-oriented work.

Which is why competitive HR professional should be well versed with the latest technologies in the domain of human resources. It is inevitably necessary too, because the process in every field is on the way to go lean.

Human resources department is also on the track to be time and work efficient. There are plenty of important tools and products that one must be aware of to ease out your day to day HR activities.

One such activity is the screening of candidates. Asking a lot of questions to even unqualified candidates leads to wastage of time and money. Keeping this issue in mind, the product like aircto has been established in the market.

Aircto is solving a real problem for high growth startups. Hiring is top priority and gaining speed on quality interviewing is mission critical for success. Aircto helps with speed, quality and objectiveness. Super stuff!

Rohan Khadatkar

HR Manager, Toppr

This will simplify your hiring process and make it truly lean. In fact, you should be always excited to come across new products and tools.

Negotiation skills

You may not realize, but negotiation is one activity that you do on a daily basis. Confused? Let me explain you with an example.

You help employees and upper management to resolve their conflicting issue. Right? Well, this is what negotiation is. You resolve the problem of two parties and try to make them come to an agreement.

In other words, a better negotiation skill makes you capable having better management skills. Work hard and be the epitome of an excellent negotiator.