What do you call a great assemblage of mighty superheroes who share a common objective to save this planet earth? There could be legions of names that can be associated with this group. But, one name which is really prominent is “Justice League”. Though, it is a superhero group that had been portrayed in comics, cartoons, and recently in movies, but one can take numerous lessons from its characters - Ranging from moral values to combat techniques. Believe it or not, HR lessons is one of them.

You know you are 90’s kid when you get super excited to see any news regarding Justice league. And, when I first heard that its movie adaptation was to be released the next year, then you could only imagine how thrilled I was, delirious with happiness. I decided to watch its animation series in the excitement only to find out that there are some useful HR insights in its characterization.

Those who are wholly in-cognizant of the name - Justice league, let me give you a brief introduction to it. It is an organization comprising powerful superheroes with meta-human abilities, and its members were taken from the superheroes of DC comics. Now, where does HR practice come into picture? If you are set about to interview your next hire then wouldn’t it be awesome if you could relate your hiring expectations with some idealistic traits?

Thus, here are some preferable traits that you want your candidates to exhibit.


He is super-fast at everything. An epitome of being efficient. You should look for this particular factor in your candidates. Can they complete their assigned tasks in the given time? Are they taking too long to complete an average task? Take these questions in account when you interview your candidates. Remember, being efficient is equally important and beneficial to the candidate and the business. In fact, what we have experienced is that the hours of day play a big role in it. Some individuals are more efficient if they start their work early in the morning, and for some it is the otherwise.


He has been portrayed as the mightiest superhero of them all. But, one factor which is not obvious to the eyes that Clark Kent is uprightly awesome when it comes to managing his team members. His managerial skills is at par, and this is exactly what you, as a hiring manager, should look in the candidates. Managing multiple tasks and team members is an alpha trait, especially when your are hiring for a managerial position.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is one of the most powerful superheroes in the DC Universe. She was sent as an ambassador to spread idealistic message of strength and humbleness. Make sure your next hire resembles those traits as, being arrogant just doesn’t work in a team culture.


Batman always has a plan. Without having any super power, he can still win over any battle with his intelligence and ingenuity. Can your candidate solve complex problem in a clever way? No doubt, your next hire will be bombarded with lots of complicated problem, thus you had better make sure to examine these qualities beforehand.