The world is still dazed by Donald Trump’s successful win in the US presidency election. Each and every media had already portrayed him as a joke in the election process. In fact, New York Times predicted and put him in the bracket of a loser with mere 15% of total votes. His winning is a huge blow to the democratic party or rather to the whole world.

No, we haven’t shifted our interest to the politics from HR domain, but it is worth to note that even experts can go down the wrong road in predicting results. We can certainly learn one thing from this whole incident. One must always be prepared for unexpected things and outcomes. Interviews too depict the same characteristics of uncertainty.

If you somehow find a candidate who is prepared for any unexpected questions then you can not ask for more, as it requires creativity, presence of mind, and a keen learning ability in order to answer these questions. The answer to these questions tells a lot about the candidate that you couldn’t get from the normal set of questions otherwise.

Please note that these questions should not solely be the deciding factor in the interview. Certainly, candidates wouldn't expect it so they may or may not answer the questions properly. The interviewer should build a positive and relax environment before set about to fire these questions.

Here we present the list of some weird and out of the box questions that you can ask your candidates in the interview.

How do you define success for you?

The answer would give the deep insight into the sentiment and opinion of the candidate. It would help the company to know if the candidate is fit for the role.

Tell me one reason not to hire you?

I have often seen the image of terror in the eyes of candidate the moment after I put forward this question. Indeed, it is one of the difficult questions that you could ask the candidate. But, why do you need to ask this question in the first place? Here you would get to know the creativity of the candidate which is highly relevant in any job role.

What would you change in this company if you were the CEO?

First, an unprepared candidate simply can not answer this question because one should know some important and crucial things before making any suggestion for improvement. And what is the purpose of asking this question? The interviewer gets to know how visionary the candidate is. And of course, the last thing you want to hear is. ‘Nothing, everything seems good.’ This particular answer is just a brutal murder of creativity.

Do you consider yourself to be a nice person?

This question gives a good perception to the presence of mind in the candidate. Being nice is a relative term. The answer that you should look for is a cross question from the candidate regarding the interviewer’s definition of nice. Clearly, it is a great metric to gauge the presence of mind in the candidate.

Describe the condition of roads in your city.

This question may not be relevant to the job role, but if the interviewer wants to test the communication skills of the candidate then it is a great method to see how detail the candidate can think and speak.

Would you recommend yourself to be in the higher post than you deserve?

This would give the good view as to how the candidate sees himself. Is he arrogant in nature? Is he lack in self-confidence or is he over confident? Also, you would get to know the candidate's expectation regarding the job role.

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