“Don’t Judge the Book just by its Cover, till you Read the whole”
It’s been well said that choosing the best talent geek out of the several; are very tedious and tactic job for the recruiter’s now days. Mostly, there are two different characteristics of people; ones who are very expressive and others who don’t open up very fast. It’s very difficult to guess/find the best out of these two characters. But, it doesn’t mean that the best way to guess is just the “Resume”. There are a lot of certain things beyond the Resumes.

Honestly, in my opinion, I totally think that resume is a waste of paper. In a single paper how can a person impose you to trust his quality and mention his overall experience?! No doubt, Resumes are great for providing a list of (potentially exaggerated) skills, but building a successful team requires more than a list of traits on paper, for which I think there are lot of many techniques to evaluate the quality of the person rather than using the traditional method of checking the one-pager profile or just visualizing the LinkedIn profile page.

To Hire the Best…Let’s do something out of the BOX!!!
Guess What??
Hire the Entrepreneurs, Innovators or Geeks who has done something way beyond his academic syllabus and not just mugged up to score better percentage.

Learn from your mistakes

Take the time to evaluate and learn from your past hiring processes and the decisions you made. Have your hires succeeded? Why? If not, what could you have done differently?

Avoid the hypocrites

The most charming and eloquent candidate is not necessarily the best person for the job. Interviewing teams can easily become enamored with smooth and attractive candidates. But the best are not easy to handle, because they are “choosy and moody”.

Thus, to attract the best, Hiring manager has to be innovative and convert themselves into the field of Digitalization- which means “Making HR as an Organization’s center of Digital and excellence in the field of social”. Digital Technologies helps Organizations to close the Talent Gap Faster. Through digitalzation we can foster a company culture that supports information sharing, and do the Employee Branding in the expanse of Social Media. This will help the HR to take a long-term, holistic view of talent acquisition and engagement.