What are the top four challenges of a startup founder?

  • Product vision/roadmap
  • Matching the revenue and burn rate
  • Raising investments
  • Hiring

More often than not, the fourth part is not thought about widely. Hiring is a major challenge since one has to find passionate & interested people with good domain knowledge, who also strongly believes in your mission and culture. When it comes to tech-hiring, the task is humongous as few more steps are added to that; besides the fact that it is difficult to find techies actively looking out for a job.

FoodyBuddy is a Bangalore based startup that aims to connect buyers and home chefs who live around them. When they were initially hiring for their tech-team they faced some problems in terms of screening, interviewing and selecting these candidates efficiently.

That’s when they came across AirCTO and decided the use the Technical interview product for their hiring.

Read the revelation of success from Rachna Rao, the Co-founder of FoodyBuddy.

Please tell our readers a little bit about FoodyBuddy and the challenge that you faced while hiring technical folks?

We are a platform that connects the buyers and sellers of home-cooked food within the same community. We are in different apartment communities in Bangalore spread out in Whitefield, Sarjapur Road, and many other places.

We basically reached out to AirCTO to help us out with the interview process while building our technical team.

Why did you decide you want to use AirCTO? How did AirCTO help you in improving your hiring numbers?

One major challenge in hiring is not only getting the desired person on board but also “not hiring” a candidate who should not be hired. A wrong hire can cost the company a lot both in terms of time as well as money.

AirCTO helped us in conducting interviews for few different positions like iOS, Android, Backend etc. The expert network of AirCTO is quite diverse & experienced and we can select one or more experts to take care of our interviews. So, you helped us in bringing onboard a great developer who is working with us presently, and we are very happy with him. Overall, you guys helped us in saving time, money and the cost of hiring a wrong candidate.

Any feedback on our team?

The customer support team is excellent, you guys are very responsive and very fast in setting up of the interviews, coordinating and all of that. I think you are great in customer management. You are very supportive, very open to feedback, and are willing to modify your process according to what we need. It’s really awesome working with you guys.

I think the turnaround time has always been great.If I am uploading the resume today, the interview will be done within the next day or so and I will get a detailed report of the same. With the help of AirCTO, we are connecting with good candidates and we have converted 1 candidate out of the 3 good-fits which you guys had given. We selected him based on your feedback itself.

Also, the feedback report was detailed which evaluated the candidates on all the skills that were mentioned. Also, you are checking for behavioral skills like congnitive ability and communication skills as well, which I feel pretty much covers it all.

About the interface, it’s very simple and easy to use. You have recently improved it from what it was a couple of months ago. So, the overall experience has improved a lot.

How would you like to rate our services out of 5?

I would give you guys a 4 out of 5 since we are quite happy with your services. We have entrusted AirCTO with the whole tech-interview process, and we plan on maintaining this bond in the months to come.