It is rightly said that the first impression really counts but so does your last. Generally your last impression is the one that will remain in the top of the interviewers mind. The end of the interview is usually the part where the candidate should take but unable to take the charge of their fates as they are unaware about how to close the interview. Many a times candidates make a blunder by asking as to whether they have been shortlisted, by when can they get to hear the decision or where do they stand among the rest of the candidates etc. These kinds of questions create a bad impression on the interviewer and makes the candidate look aggressive and desperate enough for the job. The candidate should understand that the interviewer also needs its own sweet time to judge and analyze every aspect and then only can draw a conclusion out of the same.

While sitting on the other side of the table one gets to have encounters with all kinds of people with different personality traits, temperaments, approaches etc.

Then there comes one category of candidates who are “overly aggressive” for the interview and trust me you can have a fair idea about them the moment they enter the room or by the extra strong grip they have while shaking hands.

These chaps somehow are convinced by the idea that aggressiveness can lead them to bag the opportunity like a cakewalk, not knowing that excess of everything is bad. A little pinch of aggressiveness can add to your personality but if you think by being a complete aggressive person you can steal the show then oh dear lord only can help you.

A person with aggressive attitude can’t fit into the team that easily and lacks the very team spirit.

An employer needs a smart candidate who can take the charge of the driver’s seat and take the control so presenting yourself confident is good but don’t be boastful about yourself.

Here are some tips to handle those aggressive ones the next time you encounter them:

Inquisitive about their nature

The moment you feel that the one in the discussion is showing some signs of aggressiveness then divert the discussion from the professional side to personal front and try to be more curious about the overall personality of the candidate. This will not only help you know how the person is as an individual but will also help you have an insight to how he will be within a team.

Situational Analysis

In order to identify how the candidate will use his aggressiveness, you can give him a situation so as to understand how he will be reacting to the same. The situational analysis is an important tool to judge the candidates these days.

Mellow down the discussion

If you feel that the entire interview discussion is all heated up with the aggression you can always turn the winds of the storm and take it on a lighter note. You can give some time off to the candidate so that he can absorb the moment and can come back with all the sensibilities.

Hinting at the requirement

Sometimes the candidates are all worked up due to anxiety, nervousness, desperation to get the job etc. all these add to that emotional hush which the candidate is currently going through sitting at the interview table. A clear hint to what is expected from the candidate can get his base right and may help him to perform better.

Pointing at the aggression

Well, this is the most important trick which needs to be done very diligently. Pointing towards the aggressiveness of the candidate in a careful way can help him know the areas he needs to work on. If this is done in the right way the candidate can accept his flaws and can suggest on how he can improvise on the same. If the candidate knows his potential along with his flaws that need to be worked on then it’s a fair deal to make.

The basic idea is to have the perfect candidate with the right amount of zeal and attitude. These minuscule things might look too small at the beginning but they play a great role when an individual is driving the boat. So don’t less them miss from your radar the next time you take an interview but also make sure that an apt amount of aggressiveness if driven in the right direction can help you lead fruitful result.