What is wrong with the recruitment today? I've pondered upon this questions many times. I always get amazed when I see the hiring process of big companies. It is utterly absurd and broken. Spending countless hours on screening and spending all your energy and your own resources to interview the candidates doesn’t appeal to me as an intelligent work.

With the advancement of technology, almost every crucial activities have been optimised and automated. But somehow there has been neglection on the side of the recruitment process.

I’ve seen many cases where a worthy candidate may not even clear the resume screening process. There could be several reasons for it. The candidate might not have prepared the correct resume or may not have mentioned some of the important pieces of stuff. It is recommended to insert links of Github or Stack overflow profile. Not only does it strengthens the resume but also increases the chance of being noticed by the recruiter. In fact, I have covered one article on it.

In a nutshell, companies need to consider recruitment process in a high priority bracket. When they do so, it becomes justifiable to adopt various intelligent strategies to overcome the incompetence within the hiring process.

I have listed out some practices that smart companies follow in their recruitment process.

Quick decisions

They don’t ask their candidates to wait for eternity for the interview result. They conduct the interview and come to the conclusion quickly. It saves a lot of time for both the recruiter and the candidate. But how do these companies go about to make such speedy decisions? They take help of technology and have smartly streamlined their entire recruitment process. For an example, screening of resumes takes an unimaginable number of hours. This inefficiency can easily be eliminated with the help of products like FILTERS. It automates the entire resume screening process through artificial intelligence.

Smart advertisement

They don’t scare good candidates away by sharing fictitious requirements that are almost impossible to meet. Rather they focus more on the capability of the candidate. For an example, if you want a Front-end developer with ReactJS skills then you wouldn’t reject a candidate on the grounds that the skill has not been included in the resume. If the candidate is excellent in Javascript then he/she can easily pick your required skills in a couple of days.

Interview feedback

Post interview they follow up with the candidate regardless of the candidate’s performance. It is a smart move as it brings a positive image in minds of every candidate. But some companies don’t ever bother to inform the candidate about his/her selection result. I’ve seen this frustrating habit of HR managers that restrict them to give feedback to the candidates. This substandard negligence should strictly be avoided.

Strong interviewer

They make sure that the interview should be conducted by a strong interviewer. I get bewildered when companies easily let a weak developer interview the candidate. This mainly happens due to lack of good resources and immediate need of closing the open position. The solution is to take a help from companies that provide service of interviewing the candidates.