If you’re a new startup, you must know the struggle of hiring a developer. The process is longer than it seems.

  • You have to create a JD and identify the kind of people that you’ll want to onboard
  • You have to look for these people, which gets tough if you’re doing this for the very first time
  • Communicate with the prospective candidates, educate them about your company and your mission.
  • If they agree, start with the hiring process which is followed by 1-2 rounds of tech-interview and 1 round of HR interview.
  • Offer and joining

Looks like a lot of steps, right? Well, it’s longer because each of the steps takes anywhere from days to weeks, depending on your requirement. And as a CTO/CEO, you have plenty of other things to do as well.

This was the primary concern of Getfyt, a Chennai based startup, while they were looking for passionate people to join them for two positions, React Native and Frontend. And the CTO, Vinay decided to entrust AirCTO for finding awesome candidates.

Read the revelation of success directly from Vinay, the CTO of Getfyt.

As a startup founder yourself, what do you think is the biggest challenge faced while hiring for technical positions?

Hiring as a startup founder is indeed very challenging I would say. For me, time was the biggest factor besides finding the right people with the right skills. Also, experience in selecting the right people is also a factor. That’s one of the reason I chose AirCTO because I was pretty sure that you guys would do a better job in reaching out to the precise candidates.

Which positions were you hiring for and what were the challenges faced by you while hiring for these positions?

I am hiring for two positions one is for the mobile developer and another is frontend developer. For the mobile developer, I am looking for someone with proficiency in react native. And as we all know, people are limited in this particular skills and that makes it more challenging to hire talent. Web developer is comparatively an easier position I would say but even then the biggest challenge is finding those people who are willing to work in a startup. Like, startup is all about risk and you have no big guarantee.

That’s the reason, initially we were working with part-time developers as we found out full-time guys are not really up for the risk. I was mostly looking at sources like referral (from my friend’s network, AngLiist, LinkedIn etc, but none of them really worked out. Most of the concerns were related to startup and the salary. Few had issues of notice period.

So, this was the situation in short when one of my friend’s told about AirCTO that is how I came to know about you guys.

Great, so how did AirCTO Sourcing help you in hiring developers?

My friend had actually used your services, his is a cryptocurrency company and he mentioned that the candidates that he sourced from you were pretty good. That’s why I decided to give it a try. I found the resumes to be good, and I hired one of them and I’m looking to hire one more person.

So, we had initially agree that you would provide me with 10 relevant profiles. Fortunately, we managed to hire someone from the very first 5 profiles that you shared. What I loved about your sourcing process was the turnaround time, I received the 5 profiles which were very much relevant(to the extent that I couldn’t reject anyone), within the first 72 hours itself. And then I just had to interview them on my end, so I was able to wrap up the entire process within 7-10 days itself.

How do you think AirCTO sourcing is different from the pay per hire model?

I don’t know much about this, but I think that if I’m offering a salary of 10 lpa to the candidate, then for one hire I end up paying almost a lakh in terms of commission and that’s pretty huge. I had to pay AirCTO only a minimal amount for the sourcing, which is negligible as compared to the amount in pay per hire model.

The best part is that, I can hire as many people as I want from the profiles that AirCTO source me and I won’t be charged a bit extra. Also, the quality is great because I could hire one person out of the 5 profiles and you guys took care of generating interest in the candidates as well, which is pretty great.

So, how would you rate AirCTO Sourcing on a scale of 5?

I would rate your services 4.5 on a scale of 5. The most important thing was the customer support, it was GOOD! I was in constant touch with your team members and I could call them anytime and discuss the status or express my concerns. It was a great experience for me, and I look forward to making another hire with AirCTO.