The first step in a successful tech hiring strategy is reaching the right people at the right time. While everyone wants to hire great developers, we have a lot of challenges like passive candidates, shortage of quality candidates, unwilling joinees etc. But, it’s not entirely true. We do have quality talent for tech hiring on the market, yeah it’s true that the competition is tough, as the best companies are trying to get them yesterday!

There is a gap when you have to hire great software developers, but, not as huge as it is depicted.

Let me provide you some food for thought:

“69 percent of job seekers would not take a job with a company that has a bad reputation--even if unemployed”

“79 percent of job seekers use social media in their job search”

“Nearly 2 in 3 employees say their employer does not--or does not know how to--use social media to promote job openings.”

Is there a tiny little possible chance maybe that one of the following things are happening?

  • The software developers that you want to hire, have no idea that you are hiring?
  • The rockstar developer you have been aiming at on Linkedin, he is not even very active there? Maybe he is too busy to be there.
  • Your value proposition for your tech hiring is not clear to the candidates. And the cold calls from your outsourced recruiters are not helping?
  • Your website is very less likely to have a steady tech-candidate traffic unless you are StackOverflow or Github of course. Are you reaching the software developers where they are already active?

Do you think, this can hamper your chances of reaching out to the right guys even by a small percentage? If yes, then read on.

This is how AirCTO Jobs can save you all the trouble and help the right guy find you.

Great User interface with zero complexity

How many times have you landed on a tech job site which resembles a tiny army of ants clogging together and fighting for some unknown reason? It’s confusing, right? There are so many calls to actions scattered all over the place that you have no idea what to do next!!

No one explains you precisely what do they have to offer you on their home page. So, again you have to go through links and sub-links and may or may not find what you are looking for.

We have designed AirCTO Jobs simple enough for you to understand and the candidate to apply.

Have a look at our interface here:

It's simple, to apply, they donot even have to go through any painful process of signing up; they can directly view your job and apply.

Lack of proper categories

How many times have you seen Backend, Frontend, Manager jobs listed under just one category, IT jobs?Come on, they are pretty much different and it confuses both you and the candidate who is applying for the job.

In AirCTO Jobs, all the jobs are categorized into distinct categories such as Frontend, Backend, Android etc. We have an easy search option where the candidate can simply search for jobs using the necessary skills and also choose the relevant experience.

There will be different job postings for each of your jobs. For example, if you have two positions, i.e Frontend and Backend Developer or maybe Node.js and React.js Frontend Developer, there will be two separate postings for each one of them.

This is how we do it:

Centralized and Efficient

We form the single point of contact between you and the candidates. We take care of all the communication and related queries that the candidates might have.

Also, we have an internal curation process, wherein we scan each profile carefully before sending them across to you. Therefore, you see only quality candidates.

Tell your story

Millennials are choosy, aren’t they? They want to be associated with a brand which has a story and we surely tell yours.

Instead of talking about abstract facts, we give the candidates a glimpse of your vision and why you are doing what you are doing. Everyone loves a purpose which gives them a feeling of fulfillment. And we make sure, that people get to know more about you before hitting apply or otherwise.

Best part, AirCTO Jobs is free for now ! That is, you can get unlimited profiles depending on the number of people who apply at your company.

This is how you can get started:

Step 1: Have a look at our job page here( If you think it’s great, request to join the cool companies who have already had their job posted through here

Step 2: Our team calls you. We discuss your requirements and hiring needs. We then help you sign up for our system and upload the jobs and the other relevant details.

Step 3: We provide you a fully operational account from where you can add/edit the profiles. Also, you can use it as a candidate management system to sort all the profiles. A quick glimpse of how you can do it.

AirCTO Jobs can not only help you in finding great candidates but also managing and contacting them. Best part, everything happens without digging a hole in your pocket. Request for a free trial from here.