Have you decided that you are up for a new challenge or opportunity? Have you officially made up your mind to leave your present company(for various reasons), and move on to the next step?

Welcome to the full-time work of job-hunting!

But, it’s not easy, is it? You know you want to move to a place which is better than your present company may be in terms of compensation(though it’s never the only reason, is it?), more responsibilities, better work or maybe you just want to escape a dreadful boss! Wink :).

But the random calls from recruiters, from the companies you have never heard of, does not make this journey any more smooth.

It sucks, we know.

That’s why we decided to come up with AirCTO Jobs, a place where you can find the jobs which are for you, people who are looking for someone like you and not a random Joe.

How is AirCTO Jobs different than any other job posting sites?

You are not sure where to job-hunt?

There are hundreds of places to look for jobs, be it various social media sites, company sites, networking events etc. There are so many options available that it is quite easy to get lost in the long and exhaustive process and miss out on some pretty interesting opportunities.

Have you ever wished that anyone would ask you about your preferences instead of pouring down their opinions on you? Or, if you knew the best channel that would work for sure?

Also, if you are looking for switching from one technology to another, with no relevant certifications and other related projects, that forms a separate humongous challenge altogether!

With AirCTO Jobs, we aim to provide you a curated list of tech jobs which serves you real value. You are going to find leading tech-startups like Wingify, Healthifyme, Shaadi.com etc posting their jobs here. Also, we try to make sure to keep the jobs as specific as possible.

For Example - Frontend Developer
Frontend Developer 2-5 years of experience, (React.js)

You can tell the difference right!

Unclear Job descriptions

I personally do not like the UI of most of the job posting sites. The fonts are weird, they ask me to submit resumes without any tangible reason, and even if I end up doing so, there comes a weird captcha to prove that I’m not a robot.

Maybe it’s a necessary evil but it totally pisses me off.

The next thing that demotivates any candidates are unclear or confusing job descriptions.

Let’s look at this JD for Backend developer -- Focus on code quality, particular on deliverability, experience on git, python, Django etc. Solves problem, leadership, motivated.

If you are a candidate reading this, you’ll be like, Whaaaattttt! What am I supposed to make out of it?

Now let’s look at this one -

  • Have previous experience with Python(Django), MySQL.

  • Have previous experience with one or more of AWS, RDS, SQS, EC2, DynamoDB, ElastiCache, MongoDB, CouchDB.

  • Be someone who loves clean and structured code, and thrives to maintain it.

  • Be fast at coding, fast in learning and technically solid.

  • Be someone who loves solving technically hard problems.

  • Have previous experience in building, running and managing a high availability web service backend.

Now, this makes total sense, right?

And this is how job descriptions at AirCTO jobs look like because we hate confusions! We have super clean UI where it is almost impossible to get lost and a clear search option where you can exactly type the keywords of your skillsets and we return you the matching jobs.

Anyone who is job hunting puts a major importance on the job description to determine if they are suitable for the job; but more often than not, the job descriptions are either too short or too unstructured. On the other hand, if you fill it with every possible detail; the chances of confusion increases.

Unlike other job posting sites, we do not turn a blind eye to the jobs once it is posted by the customer. We go through it very carefully, and if we feel that it is not delivering the value that you deserve, we will roll our sleeves up and put forward the exact precise description for you.

Hides information like a CIA agent

Apologies in advance for the poor analogy :) But, like seriously, sometimes it feels like the company has hidden all its valuable information in an eternal black-hole. And worst, they include information which probably won’t really matter to the candidate.

If I am looking for a job, of course, I am interested in the JD, compensation, location etc. But, I also want to know a little bit more about my probable future colleagues, are they fun? Is the cafeteria amazing?Or, here comes the best, free lunches on the house in the weekends? For example, this is us, gorging on food on a Saturday afternoon!

Or anything else, which would make me hit “Apply” at once?

Most companies tell you how many countries which they have offices in, or what was their revenue the last year(not totally irrelevant), but they totally ignore more valuable information which appeals to the heart and not the mind( after all we all listen to the heart first, don’t we :))?

Are you thinking that “Alas! I wish all of this, could be done!”

Well, someone is trying!

AirCTO Jobs - A Curated and Personalized Job platform

We have built AirCTO Jobs with the vision to make job search easier and more interesting for the candidates and hiring more easier for the companies.

We have clearly defined job categories, with no irrelevant ads or pop-us confusing you. You can view all the company details at one place, the job description is precise and heavily checked by our in-house team to make sure that you can make a call easily.

We curate your profile even before sending to the company so as to make sure that you are applying for the right position. If you haven’t, our team contacts you with the feedback and suggests other suitable profiles for you. We stay in constant touch with you, till you receive a word for the position that you have applied for!

If you find no profile that matches your requirements(which are btw very clearly stated), we ask you to submit your resume and update you, whenever we find you the job which you will love!

If you are looking for a job which is personalized, relevant and has an awesome response rate, AirCTO jobs is the place for you. Take a sneak-peak here .