Behind every great product, there is a great engineering team who have a vision. They are working relentlessly trying to innovate and create something new while being under a tough deadline.

Interestingly, in today’s job market, hiring for a tech-position is a major problem that every recruiter and hiring manager is facing. Either the person is not equipped enough, or he is a cultural misfit. And when it comes to hiring for niche skills like React.js, the problem becomes even acuter.

When was hiring React.js developers, they were facing the same problem. Talent was scarce and evaluating them was a bigger challenge.

That is when they came across AirCTO. The hiring team entrusted AirCTO with the responsibility for hiring the best React.js folks for their team.

Read the revelation of success directly from Karishma, the HR of

What was your main challenge while hiring React.js developers?

As you know, we are a product company and therefore the quality of engineers is a very important factor for us. The greatest challenge that I was facing while looking for React.js developers was in-depth knowledge vs CTC.

When I was looking for React.js developers in the market, a person with even 6 months of experience wanted a 60-70% hike. That was something that surprised us initially!

Looking at the trend, we opened up our CTC, but even after that, the kind of talent that was sourced to me was not really good. We were getting a lot of applicants that neither matched our required skills nor years of experience.

And it was all the more difficult because it was the first time that we were hiring React.js developers. Since React was a niche skill, we didn’t have experienced developers in our team to interview them.

So, that was my initial struggle while hiring React.js developers.

How did AirCTO help you in making your tech-hiring easier?

Half of the hiring work was done by AirCTO, considering the first level of technical interview was done so efficiently by you guys. So, that saved a lot of time for my tech team. After we uploaded the resume, the rest of the part would be taken care of by you and that was a big help.

The best thing that I have noticed in AirCTO is that I wouldn’t have to follow up with the candidates. Whatever the scenario was, Team AirCTO would take care of managing that very effectively.

Apart from that, you could understand what kind of people we were looking at and conduct the interviews accordingly. The interview was covered in all aspects as mentioned by us and in-depth reports were provided. So, overall, it was a great boost to our hiring process.

How many developers have you hired through AirCTO?

We had conducted a total of 41 interviews through AirCTO. Out of that 15 candidates were Good-fit, we were able to roll an offer to 3 of them.

The numbers were pretty good considering the amount of time it saved for me and my tech-team. About the experts, they were highly skilled and conducted the interviews efficiently.

 How AirCTO helped hire React.js developers

What is your feedback regarding AirCTO interviewer panel?

The greatest part post-interviews is the report. The feedback is very pragmatic and the report itself is very well-structured. There is the recommendation section where the interviewer covers all aspects of the candidate, starting from his previous projects till the questions that he could answer in the interview and the ones that he couldn't.

Also, the panel evaluates the candidate on his communication, interpersonal and cognitive abilities. The coding exercise helped as well since it showcased the implementation skills of the candidate. Recording of the interview was the icing on the cake.

In short, our hiring team could have one look at the report and take a call whether to hire the candidate or not!

We are satisfied with the service provided by AirCTO and would definitely use your services for our upcoming hires.

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