The very fact that one could summarize the potential of your entire skill set in just a page is beyond understanding. Certainly, it doesn't define your skill set entirely and it doesn't even qualify to show your distinct personality. Hey, did I just make it rhyme? Anyway, we'll talk about my poetry skills later.

Interestingly, despite having the somewhat opaque characteristic of resume, it hasn't been gone out of fashion. The answer to this mystery lies in the concept of demand and supply. One could find a bucket list of application for a single job.

Obviously, it becomes essential to have something that would facilitate the process of screening. Thus, resume comes as a savior for an efficient screening process. Knowing the importance of resumes, candidates often exaggerate the details in their resumes.

This leads to an interesting thought. It would be amazing if we get to see what candidates would prefer to include in their resume had they be truly honest about it.

Here are the different parts of typical resume that can shape into a lot different resume if the aura of honesty was there.

Objective - This is what you could find in a normal resume

I want to attain success in an exciting and challenging environment, building the success of the company while I undergo learning and experiencing exciting opportunities.

Objective - And here is the honest version of it.

Who the hell writes Objective these days? I am writing it because my friend has it on his resume. I still have no idea what is the purpose of it. The Irony is that I know you too are not going to read it.

Skills - A pretty normal skill set for a software engineer role

VB.NET, Golang, Python, Bash, ASP, ASP.NET, C, C++, C#, SQL, Django, Perl, Matlab, CSS, XML

Skills - If the candidate was honest

Although, I know just a few languages but I mention every coding language that I have heard of in order to make my resume epic. Even though I know this job demands just two languages, I will anyway mention an exhaustive list of the coding languages. Even if I have only tried printing 'Hello World' to the screen.

Education - This is what you would normally find in a software developer role.

Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai
B.Tech, Computer Science - 7.5 GPA

DAV Public School
Percentage - 91%

Education - This is what would happen if the candidate was honest.

You would never check my degree if you are a startup, but I will include it anyway. Even if you do, I know you will not even see my GPA score.

And why do I have to mention about my school? Isn't it obvious that if I have done my engineering then I must have had passed my school examination also? Also, I wish being graduate was not a must-have requirement.

Experience - In the normal mode

Technical lead - XYZ company
1 Year

Software Developer - XYZ company
3 Years

Experience - Too honest one

Experience doesn't matter if I'm not a good learner. But obviously, I won't mention it here. I'll proudly boast of my just no. of years of experience.

Projects - In a normal resume

  1. Created web application for a company
  2. Developed an android application
  3. Created CRM for a website

Projects - In the too honest scenario

Most of it were the group projects and I had only contributed a little. I'll read through the project report before the interview to be on a safer side.

References - At the end of the normal resume

Mr. XYZ - Techincal head at a company
Mr. XYZ(2) - Software developer at a company
Mr. XYZ(3) - Product manager at an another company

References - Candidate being too honest

Mr. XYZ - Techincal head at a company - He is my good friend
Mr. XYZ(2) - Software developer at a company - He doesn't pick unknown numbers.
Mr. XYZ(3) - Product manager at an another company - Well, he genuinely likes me.

Well, being too honest could not be in the favour of the candidates. They'd better off simply being honest about their achievements and skills.