Looking desperately for a job? Or hunting for that ideal job switch that can give you the kind of job profile that you had always wanted.

Ever wondered what all it takes to get a best fit for a job opening. Company creates a job opening that gets posted on various job platforms. To which the recruiters work in and out and run interviews to land the best candidate. So let us look into the recruitment process step by step and see what all it takes to make the final offer to the candidate.

Requirement of a specific skill Ninja

The entire process of recruitment starts with the establishment of need for a person with the specific skill set. This could be a result of an expansion, acquired a new project, an existing employee leaving the team etc. The concerned team register the requirements with the recruitment team with the skill set that they want.

Seek approvals and budgets

Once the recruitment team gets the required job opening. Then comes the time to seek approvals from the various departments and seek the budget for the said opening . This involves studying the hierarchy of the team and fixing a bracket for the pay package accordingly.

Listing the job opening

Once the package and other requirements are sorted. Then comes the time to start working on the position by posting the job on the various job platforms and the recruiters start hunting for the profiles that matches the job requirements

Telephonic Interviews

After a preliminary screening of profiles are done then comes the time to have a telephonic discussion with the candidates and identify their expectations and also seek the potentialities in the candidate. This is the usually the first round where the objective of the recruiters is to grasp the interest of the potential candidate. This helps in filtering the profiles in a better way as the eliminations can be done on the very start of the process thereby saving time for both the parties.

Face to Face discussion

If everything goes well then comes the time to call the candidate for a face to face discussion so that an elaborated discussion can be held with them. Usually the first round is taken by the HR person so as to analyse the personality traits and get the expectation understanding from the candidate.

Next level discussions

Once the HR approves the candidate then he/she moves on the next step in the ladder of the job. Second round usually is done with the immediate supervisor or the reporting manager under whom the candidate has to report into.
As he is the best person who knows what the candidate should possess and what skill set and background is the ideal.

Final discussions

Once the reporting manager passes the candidate, then usually the final round with the TL or practice head. That can get the final expectations ironed out, if he approves the candidate then he /she is passed to the bucket of the shortlisted candidates from which one will be chosen, who will be finally offered the role.

Further filtration from the shortlisted candidates

After the several interviews are conducted and a pool of shortlisted candidates is created. That is the time when the entire work to close the deal comes in, as the best of the best is to be picked after doing more rounds of evaluations.

Sometimes the candidates that is liked by the company might not fit into the pay bracket or if he fits the bill he has a longer period of notice that the company can’t afford to wait for.

Waiting time

While all this is done with the a few candidates from the shortlisted category the rest are all waiting in the queue hoping to get a final call. The task of the recruiter here comes in to keep these waiting candidates warm and not let them drain their interest in the job.
As the recruiter might have to get in discussions with them if none of the candidates leads to the end of the offer ladder. Also a backup is always needed in case the offered candidate doesn’t join in the very last minute.

After the hour long discussions, constant follow ups and evaluations of the candidates . A final candidate is zeroed down to place the final bets on.