I got some urgent positions to hire for from the management but only twist, that management wants somebody who is the “ace of the lot.”

With the skill set jotted down in my notepad and putting “Ace of the lot” written in bold I sat at my desk looking for the best match.

Generally in these situations all you find the recruiter doing is logging into cliché platforms like Naukri.com, monster.com, etc. to spot the right guy for the job. Gone are the days when you can only rely on these bunch of website’s employer logins to help you fill in the positions. With the advancements in the skill set and the candidate’s profile you don’t want to pick any of those rats running the race as they do not fit into the “ace of the lot” category.

The changing times are more focused on candidate’s profile rather than just skills.

I was once a given a task to find the “God of Copy” as I was hiring for Creative Director with one of the top Digital agencies.

The problem with the creative fields is that you cannot find their folks on any regular job platforms. I did all that I could do, run as many searches, Booleans, AND/OR searches and what not. But I guess all these guys were not on the same planet.

With the urgency for the position I was in constant pressure to arrange interviews for this position, but I was helpless as there were few candidates in talent pool. And the ones that were there, were either not interested or not up to the mark.

Now when I knew that “The God of Copy” isn’t a cakewalk to find. I decided to do my research around it. That’s when I started literally stalking creative folk’s profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Believe me I could tell you the guys complete professional history just by glancing his name on the profile.

This way I was able to create a target list of similar agencies that I can look in, to find the best fit. As I had the list ready my next step was to use my connections who are connected with these agency guys to help me get introduced to them. The feature of LinkedIn that can help you get introduced to some XYZ by one of your connections.

This way some credibility was added to the entire process as both the parties have got some assurance of the introducer. This helped me reach the target audience, backed up by the connection’s introduction. After striking a conversation, regarding the position and the company I found that I usually got better responses and a lot of references.

CATCH: You see how the introduction not just helped break the ice but also the other person recommends someone just to be on the good terms with the introducer. Win-win for both the sides.

The references helped me create a bigger pool of talent but only challenge was to reach these zombies. In case of clear cut references, the contact details came in handy but the major challenge was to reach the unreachable.

Finally I had spotted this one profile which just looked perfect, I mean the background, skills, work ex etc. You name it and he had it all except for contact information on his profile. It became a mission for me to reach this man of my dreams (for the position sake). I tried to call in at reception of his agency to reach him and response was – “Mam we can’t provide you the contact details.”

Just when I was thinking how to hunt this guy down, with Facebook opened in one of the tabs on my system I typed his name there and boom I found one of my friend from a creative agency who was connected with him. Without wasting time I called him to get down his details and I learned that both of them hang around for beers every now and then. That moment I almost felt as if I had won MISS UNIVERSE pageant as I finally zeroed down this man.

After a couple of rounds of interviews, this guy was finally declared as the “God of Copy” and that’s how Facebook helped me not just closing that position but also making me realize that we shouldn’t be confined to some platforms to close the deal.

Current Day: With this flashback from the past, I decided to login to LinkedIn and not just naukri.com to find the ace of the lot.

Tip: Do not just rely on those platforms that have been told to you, explore for the talent as “Talent is hard to find.”