World is going crazy! It seems like they all have just one agenda in their life - To catch 'em all. Yes, Pokemon Go has recently become a huge success. You could easily see people wandering and hooking to their smartphones on streets, in parks, museums etc. Well, 10 million downloads in one week is not a joke. It is real and it is happening.

At aircto we try to get every possible hiring insights from literally everything. So we set about to get our hands dirty on Pokemon Go as well.

Interestingly, catching your favorite pokemon is somewhat similar to sourcing and hiring your ideal candidate. You would spend countless number of hours on spotting your desired pokemon in each and every corner of the city, much like sourcing candidates through each and every possible channels.

We figured there are some common traits between potential hires and Pokemon. Lets find ‘em all.


Who wouldn’t want to have that super cute and loyal friend in your pokemon list. He is active, friendly, and did I say insanely cute? Your next hire should definitely reflect those qualities. Though, cuteness can be looked away, because obviously no one could be pikachu cute. One important factor to look upon is whether your candidate gels up well and is friendly like pikachu. If not, then hiring someone with a hostile behavior would eventually affect your business in one way or another.


Interestingly, the flame at tip of his tail gives a solid indication of his mood. The flame wavers when Charmander is in jolly mood, and it burns fiercely when he becomes enraged. Clearly, this pokemon is really straightforward. An ideal hire should be able to present his points, and should be candid like Charmander when it comes to share his opinion on someone’s idea.


I still enjoy to the tune of Jigglypuff’s song. It actually calms your mind and gives you a stress free day. Do you feel the same when you are around your next hire? Or, do your other employees feel stressful around the candidate? In fact, a stress free mind can do every task efficiently.


This cute turtle should be everyone’s favorite. He is well behaved and works efficiently to beat his opponent. It would be great if your next hire resembles the behavior as that of him. One Quality that you should see in your hires is their willingness to complete the task efficiently.