This is the very beginning of our existence. Existence with a clear purpose. Purpose to put ideas, thoughts and relevant content on the Interviews before you. We want to make your life easier during the entire interview process - from its inception to the conclusion.

Interviews (precisely, one-on-one interviews) are the most toughest but effective part of the entire hiring process. They are the single most important factor that decide the fate of a candidate. We believe, there are a lot of things that need to be discussed when it comes to the interviews. We want to dig into it, write things here which could be useful and relevant for the company managers, CTO, CEO and you, as you interview numerous candidates. We will try to touch down every single pain point that is hurting the companies through the interviewing process and the eventual hiring.

Our honest effort will also be to keep this blog simple, transparent and helpful for you.

Hope you enjoy this blog. :)

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