Harry Potter, the fantasy novel with its set of distinctive characters made a huge mark worldwide. Well, Won’t you be interested to know how the characters are relevant to the hiring space? Read on!

The Timid ‘n’ Nervous Quirrell

Professor Quirrell’s greatest strength was his intelligence. But Quirrell was never seen performing magic, so it is uncertain how authoritative a wizard he actually was. Alas, his knowledge about magic and defensive arts seems to be more academic than applied. So the next time you hire a candidate, make sure he has some hands on experience and not the bookish knowledge alone!

I am sure Quirrell impressed many of you with his adventurous spirit until it was revealed that Lord Voldemort had been living on the back of his head all year. If you thought background checks are a mere formality, this character must have given you a different perspective. It is important to learn more about your employee, to make an informed decision before you bring them on board.

The Disdained Headmistress called Umbridge

The character of Dolores Umbridge depicts an accomplished witch with an attitude problem. While all at the Ministry of Magic valued her hard work and ambitious nature, those who got to know her best found it challenging to like her very much. She is an immensely controlling person and was of the opinion that all who challenge her authority and world-view do not deserve any kindness.

Studies show that employees who gel with their company culture work harder and perform better. Unfortunately, most of the hiring managers brush off this fact when selecting candidates. This is detrimental to your company and the employee because the new employee will find it challenging to work in an environment that he or she does not fit in well.

Mr. Charming Professor: Lockhart

The ever smiling, charming and famous half-blood wizard! That’s how you can describe Professor Gilderoy Lockhart. But Lockhart turns out to be a fraud, who lied about his accomplishments to gain celebrity. He has not done anything he said he had except for the memory charms.

Many of the job seekers are tempted to fabricate their work or education history to make themselves more attractive to potential employers. As a hiring manager, you have to be smart enough to judge the candidates and uncover the blatant lies in the resume. Most of the times, a single question is enough to catch out on the tall tale.

The "Mad-Eye" Moody with a magical Eye

Professor Moody is branded as the capable and strong willed Auror. But mind you, he was absconding (under the captivity of Barty Crouch Jr.) most of the time.

In spite of being a talented resource, if the employee does not turn up at work and does not own up his work, can end up being a liability to the company. Compiling clear and concise job descriptions is an effective way to set expectations at the very onset. It could include specifying projects, tasks, responsibilities and of course the hiring goal during the interview process.

The Double Agent Snape

An outstandingly intelligent wizard and a respected Potions expert, Severus Snape is highly skilled and adept in defensive arts. He worked as a Potions teacher at Hogwarts School. You might recall that Harry Potter was shocked when Snape is announced as the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, instead of the newly recruited Potions teacher.

Sometimes, hiring from within can be the best solution. As a hiring manager, you can always ascertain if any current employees are sufficiently skilled or qualified to perform the required job before you open the doors for external candidates. This way, you can boost the morale of the employees and keep them motivated with promotions and lateral assignments. At the same time, you are saved the time and effort of on-boarding and induction processes and even the training imparted to a new hire.

The Best Among the Best: Professor Lupin

Remus Lupin is a powerful wizard who is brilliant and immensely talented. He is considered as the best Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts till date. Not only his professional qualifications but his personal traits like patience, self-control and humor sense made him a great fit in the school.

In today’s economy, hiring the best talent is more critical than ever. Businesses can’t afford to lose time, money and results from a bad hiring choice. A candidate who is compatible, capable, competent and committed will always be an asset to the company.