Stress! “What should I do? How can I do it quickly? How can I deal with this issue? I wasn’t expecting this result whatsoever.” Phew! These are a few things which run through someone’s head who is facing difficulties in handling stress of either missing deadlines or having unexpected failure. Certainly, he/she is not equipped to handle stress properly.

This point should give us an instant eureka moment. What sort of hires do we really want to have? The best one or someone mediocre with good stress handling qualities? Answer to this question looks too obvious. Isn’t it? But, what if I told you that chances of someone getting too stressed out after ushering in of failure is greater for your best hire? You need not be perplexed with this statement.

Someone who has always been a winner, might not know what to do when things come to naught. They tend to have a mindset that everything they do should not result in failure, but when it does, then they have no means to rectify it. The big reason being is they haven’t tasted the failure in their life. So, they feel they are at the end of their rope when certain failures creep into their work.

I’m not advocating to get only mediocre candidates in your team. Your best hire for the job may also be great in handling stress. Kudos! All I am implying is any mediocre hire with strong stress handling quality is better than the one who is the best person for job, but poor quality of stress handling. If someone can perform and re mediate the problem even if something goes bad in work, then that hire should be your best bet.

Learn from your failures to take intelligent decisions

It is a world known fact that you learn from your failures. Being mediocre has its own advantage. They fail, hence they learn. These individuals have an optimistic point of view in context of facing failures. Moreover, your mediocre hire always tries to go the extra mile because they believe to own gratitude to company or hiring manager. They have a zeal for proving themselves due to failures in their past experiences, thus they always buckle up to get the things done.

No business is immune to failures, hence it becomes important to test the candidate on handling stressful task before making the hiring decision.

“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.” - Henry Ford