Gone are the days when everything needed to be taken care of manually as we are living in an era where your day kick start with scrolling through your emails, Facebook feed or making a to-do-list in your fancy smartphone. You name it and everything is owned or made as simple as 123 with the technology.

With technology coming into aid we have a lot of revolution as to how things are done these days be it your very basic attendance management with the help of biometrics involved or to that of very complex of IT Projects.

Advanced technologies not only helps to make your cumbersome tasks a lot easier but also let go off the very basic human errors that sometimes go unnoticed by the naked eye. Human Resources has also evolved as it involves managing large organizations, lot of data, numbers, information etc.

Use of technologies has always helped to have a better edge in the industry. Human Resources have so much of things going up all the time that it becomes all the way more important to align stuff to make things simpler.

The areas where we can use the best of the technologies and can gain to the maximum are as follows to name a few:

Recruitment Tools

So many of positions and only a limited talent pool. There are chances of duplicacies that are bound to happen. If we can enable a recruitment tool that can clearly manage the skills whenever a search is created and develop a score set for the candidate’s profile. This will only help recruiters to avoid any repetitions’ and mismatches. Social Media recruiting is one such example that lets you know how technology is helping in recruitment.

A tool that can help you recruit from a pool of campus folks basis the assessment, interview and HR round will help you lessen your overall recruitment cost in the long run.

One such e.g. is a software called Workday is beta-testing its recruiting product.

Interview Process

After the most complex profile screening task comes - interviews. If only interviews could be done as simply as the click of a button. You always have to give time and thought to how the interview will turn up and the process.

What if something can simply simplify that painful process for you? With Aircto coming to your rescue as a very effective and a convenient tool to manage interviews in four simple steps:

  1. Describe your ideal candidate
    Just start by entering the job title, description, areas of expertise and years of experience for the position you're hiring for.

  2. Share the candidate list
    Simply upload the resumes of the candidates you're wanting to interview as you have shortlisted them after screening. Our system will intelligently extract the relevant data from the resumes about each candidate.

  3. Interview
    From the team of qualified technical expert interviewer will get on one-on-one calls to vet the technical skills of the candidates based on the job description that you provided.

  4. Feedback
    Post interview, expert interviewer will share comprehensive interview reports on the candidates’ knowledge, experience and passion for the job position you are hiring for.

This will help you save on a lot of time when it comes to hiring.

Attendance Management

The most employee sensitive zones are the attendance and salary. It becomes a huge task to make this one as an error free zone and let things flow in smoothly. A good attendance tracking system helps you in ironing out any difficulties and create an easy atmosphere for things to occur.

Talent management and ERP

Oracle and SAP have now absorbed the acquisition of Taleo and SuccessFactors respectively, and customers are starting to see more integrated end-to-end suites. SAP-SuccessFactors now has nearly 25 million users, Oracle-Taleo is rated #1 in market share. This simply shows how well the ERP players have come to understand the talent management market.

Native mobile apps

Communication in the workplace hasn’t evolved much since e-mail became widely adopted in the 1990s. There is no question that the cloud is driving the future of computing. All of the technology behemoths (e.g., Amazon, Apple, IBM, Google and Oracle) either are already in the cloud or are looking to make a business in it.


Telecommuting can increase productivity, save money and improve employee satisfaction. However, a remote workforce can present unique challenges, including employees who are absent from company culture. Consider using technology to address this challenge by incorporating social collaboration tools (e.g., Slack, Salesforce Chatter, etc.) or online video conferencing (e.g., Skype) to simulate the face-to-face office experience

The above mentioned are some of the examples that can help you ease your life.

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