This is the second episode of the series on "Future of Hiring". In the last episode we interviewed Balaji Viswanathan (Founder/CEO of Mitra Robots) to know his views on the same.

In this series we talk to top entrepreneurs to know their opinions on current and the future state of hiring.

We were glad that we could interview Priyaank to get his opinion on hiring.  He is the CTO & Co-Founder of DailyRounds . DailyRounds is a service for doctors that combines elements of a social network and a medical journal.

Below are few questions we asked Priyaank and the answers -

Who is Priyaank Choubey and his role in DailyRounds?

Priyaank is currently the CTO & Co-Founder of DailyRounds. He is currently heading the backend development team and also plays a major role in tech hiring for the company.

How has been Priyaank's journey so far ?

Before DailyRounds, Priyaank changed a lot of companies. His first company was an MNC. Because he didn’t like the MNC culture much, Priyaank decided to quit the job. He always wanted to do some something in the startup front.

During his journey Priyaank started and failed a lot of startups. But it helped Priyaank to gain a lot of experience, which he wouldn't otherwise. He has worked with many ex Google and Microsoft employees. This helped him to sharpen his skills and in his growth.

What's the mission of DailyRounds ?

In simple words, DailyRounds help doctors become better.

“The better the doctors get, the better will be our lives”  - says Priyaank.  

You can access DailyRounds through an app (iOS and Android) & on the web.

What was your personal experience when getting hired ? What platforms or ways you have used in getting a job?

Most of the companies Priyaank joined after quitting the MNC job was startups. Surprisingly all the other jobs after that was through meetups. He's personally a big fan of the HasGeek Meetup.

“ I’d never had to use any job platforms. It was all through my connections I made at meetups and developer events.” - says Priyaank.

He also recommends HasJobs (a free Job Board) to all the developers looking for jobs.

What was your approach for hiring for DailyRounds ? Does having a CTO affect hiring?

Most of the early hire at DailyRounds was made through connections. But as of now they are using platforms like LinkedIn, & HasJobs.

“The main problem with these platforms, it makes the hiring process very slow. There are a lot of hit and misses. This is the reason I liked AirCTO so much. It makes the process so simple.” - says Priyaank.  

Most of the early hires were reviewed by the Tech Advisors (because we lacked experience in hiring then). Though Priyaank had a role to play too, it was more about learning the hiring process. So, it takes time, even for a CTO to hire employees.

“It’s not only about going through the skillsets of the candidate, but also about understanding the individual. This can only be developed gradually. ” - says Priyaank.  

How do you see the Indian hiring system? What changes you want to see in the hiring system?

“I think almost everything around hiring has remained the same in the last few years. The only problem I see is companies are neglecting checking for Cultural fit. I think it’s very crucial when hiring employees.” - says Priyaank.

According to Priyaank, cultural fit is as important as the skills of the candidate. For a right hire, you need to find a candidate which has the balance of both.

Currently there is a lot of noise in the hiring system. If the noise can be reduced, given the AI advancements, hiring would become lot more simpler and faster, both for candidates as well as for companies.

How will hiring change in the next 10 years?

In the next 10 years, we’ll see the introduction of Smart-AI systems. This will help companies in pre-evaluating the skills required for a particular job.

The whole filtration process will improve significantly because of this.

How you compare Technical Hiring vs Non-Technical Hiring ?

“Initially both were hard for us. But as time passed we got better in hiring” - says Priyaank. At DailyRounds we hire a lot of doctors, which is a very hard task. For these roles, there are many assignment which helps them understand the potential of the candidate.

While for technical roles, Priyaank prefers to meet the candidates in person before getting into any conclusion.

How AirCTO was useful in Tech Hiring for DailyRounds ?

Before AirCTO, DailyRounds were using different consultancies for hiring. It was very difficult for them to close a position from the profiles they got from these agencies.

Most of the profiles they got as Priyaank says weren’t appropriate mostly because the person sending these profiles had no idea about tech skills.

Tech Team - DailyRounds

After AirCTO things changed significantly for DailyRounds.

Things Priyaank loved about AirCTO -

1. The way the candidate shows up in the AirCTO platform.

2. The candidates we got from AirCTO were almost perfect.

3. It helped them save a lot of engineering hours.

How many engineering hours DailyRounds must have saved because of using AirCTO?

“Before AirCTO, we focused on multiple channels for profiles. It almost took us 100 hours to close a position. But after using AirCTO’s services the hiring time reduced by almost one fifth of the original time” - says Priyaank.

As of now they have to spend only 20-25 hours for a potential hire which is only 20 percent of what they used to spend earlier.

How do you see AirCTO changing the tech recruitment space ? Would you recommend AirCTO?

The main advantage of AirCTO over other platforms is that with AirCTO you can expect near perfect profiles according to the requirement.

“With AirCTO, I don’t need to use any other at platforms. I would definitely recommend AirCTO. I have already told about AirCTO to many of my CTO colleagues.” - says Priyaank.


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