This is the 3rd in our series on "Future of Hiring".

This time we connected with Vishal Agarwal (Head of Systems Development at Expedien) to continue our series on Future of Hiring. Previously we interviewed Priyaank Choubey (CTO of DailyRounds) & Balaji Viswanathan (CEO/Founder of Mitra Robots).

There were lots of interesting takeaways that came out of our conversation with Mr. Vishal.

Let’s dive deep into the questions -

1. Who is Vishal ? His journey so far ?

Vishal is currently the Head of Systems Development at Expedien. He has worked with Expedien for close to 5 years.

When it comes to hiring, Vishal has worked with Sapient for close to 5 years as an Interviewer.

Despite doing Engineering in Mechanical, Vishal opted to work in IT Industry. He is glad to have taken the decision then.

2. Mission of Expedien

Mission of Expedien is to help clients adjust to the faster cycles of innovation and new waves of economic growth.

They use design and data as two key pillars to drive the strategic change initiatives for their clients.

3. His personal experience when being hired

Vishal’s first company was Infosys. About 10-15 years back, it was a very big thing to be associated with a company such as Infosys.

After leaving Infosys, all the other companies, Vishal joined was through his personal connections and references.

“The only platform usable at my time was Naukri” - says Vishal.

4. What’s his approach when hiring for Expedien

When hiring for a junior role, Vishal looks at 3 things - Attitude, Aptitude and Skills. The priority first is Attitude, Aptitude and Skills at the end. For a senior role, skills is given more priority than aptitude.

"We closely see if the candidate will align with our core values or not. My main role in hiring is in finding out if the candidate is right cultural fit or not.” - says Vishal  

5. How does he see the Indian Hiring system ? How it has evolved in the recent years?

There are 3 major changes Vishal saw in the past few years -

  1. There are a lot of people on different platforms to choose (when hiring) from. All of these people seem to have required skills. Hence the selection process is getting more difficult and time consuming.
  2. Trusting a candidate’s word is getting more and more difficult. Most of the times candidate lie about joining the company.
  3. The dropout rates have increased tremendously in the recent years. For every hire, there has to be one or two backups.

6. What changes does he want to see in Indian hiring system ?

“The thing I feel lacking in a lot of companies that we are doing, right from the first day itself is being very transparent. We exactly tell the candidate, their role & how would they fit in the company. All the commitments made during recruitment process are followed through diligently.” - says Vishal.

This has helped Expedien in retaining a lot of their employees.

7. How does he think Hiring will change in the next 5-10 years  ?

There are two aspects of it. One is that abundance of platforms/avenues for sourcing will make organisations require an end-to-end services for their recruitment needs. This is crucial to save time.

The second is that their will be rapidly changing skill requirements because of the demand of specialized skills. This will result in slow death of full-time jobs. With this and telecommuting becoming convenient, organisations will go for on-demand recruiting and engage more freelance remote workers.

8. How’s Technical Hiring different vs Non-Technical Hiring ?

“For any hiring, be it Technical or Non-Technical, it all comes down to skill assessment and matching with the role expectations. So for me both are the same, only the methods and tools used for assessment, change” - says Vishal.

9. How has AirCTO been useful ?

“I especially liked AirCTO Interviews. It really helps organisations in interviewing candidates for which either experts are'nt available or if there's a time crunch.” - says Vishal.

AirCTO Interviews has helped Expedien saved a lot of time. Vishal personally liked the AirCTO platform’s User Experience very intuitive and simple.

10. How does he see AirCTO changing the recruitment space?

AirCTO has been definitely useful. I would love to see it turning into an end to end platform.” - says Vishal.

11. Would you recommend AirCTO?

“I would love to recommend AirCTO. My experience has been great so far” - says Vishal.



Hope you like our series "Future of Hiring". We'll continue interviewing such people, to get interesting insights regarding Hiring and the future ahead.

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