What exactly would Elon Musk have done if he had to hire the best of the electrical engineers for his Tesla corporation, had he been born as a genius of the 17th century?

Well, he would have created the interview before Edison. Interview, the core part of hiring process has always been fascinating to look at.

It gave the adrenaline rush without the ghost. Fear associated with interviews is no disorder but very normal. It is not the fear we are interested in this article, as that would be a fabulous topic per se for the next blog.

When the jobs started flowing in during Industrial revolution there was no big need for a test to recruit people.

There were only unskilled jobs present and brawn worked better than brain. There was one job which demanded brains- research; not many pursued it which is a different story.

Interviews happened but they were not called that. There was a question or two about the willingness and skills needed for the job and that's that.

Entrepreneurs hired based on face value and not on CVs, they chose workers and not employees (there is a difference). Professionals had their sons to pass on their skills. There was no Harvard or MIT to back up a person's skills. A man was as good as his word.

With world war came the need for skilled soldiers, a fact sheet was created to record and analyze a soldier's skills. This was starting point for Curriculum Vitae.

When it came to companies, the team was not this big and diversified. An American company had mostly american workers and it was easier to manage the team.

Globalization was one pivotal event in the world of recruiting. Every country got exposed to the talent outside their own. They had options which they had never thought of before. Brands became more powerful and global. There was a need of a structured process to hire and develop people.

The interview was born and brought up by the nations of the world according to their own needs. A complex story when u go into the details. But this infographic below explains it beyond words.

This process survived and will thrive because of its robustness and it's ease to be tweaked.

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