“Reducing time to hire is like separating the wheat from the chaff. You need to focus on what matters while keeping aside what adds up to the time to hire”


Most people know this but there are still confused as to how can one possibly reduce hiring time while still hiring the right employee.

Don't worry in this article we'll be telling about some of the practical ways of reducing time to hire (TTH).

1. Ask for Referrals first

Why take the trouble of chasing that “purple squirrel” when it can come running to you on its own?

This means, before you begin sourcing, ask your current employees if they have any references for the job opening or not. If you manage to find good candidates through referrals, you'll be able to skip the sourcing part and you'll be left with only screening and hiring. This will save you time and a lot of effort too.

Isn’t it?

As a bonus, if you are able to hire it will help you create a better work culture. Study shows good friends rise the employee satisfaction by more than 50%. Bringing a deserving candidate from a referral into the organisation can not only close the job position soon but will also improve the culture of the organisation.

2. Use a Recruitment Management Tool

The average time spent on hiring is 30 days. It can go upto 50-60 days or more depending on the industry type and the job profile. However, if you have a powerful recruitment management software, it can bring the “time to hire” time down significantly.

Most times the bulk of the time is spent in finding the right pool of candidates, i.e sourcing, shortlisting and hiring candidates. But a software can help save a lot of time. You can also add the feedback and status of the candidate. It helps keep things organised which will ultimately save a lot of time.

You can only imagine the time it would have been take, if one tried to perform these actions manually.

3. Let others Source for you

Consultants can be incredibly useful when you are hiring multiple positions. They have their own database and expertise so you can get the right candidate for your company in lesser time.

Outsourcing your hiring, is nothing bad. At AirCTO our #1 aim is to save companies precious time be it thorough AirCTO Sourcing or AirCTO Interviews.

Another great option is college campus recruiting. This eliminates the sourcing step altogether. You already have a great pool of young minds. All you need to do is to interview, analyse and hire the one that best fits your organisation. This is incredibly useful if you are looking hire freshers.

4. Negotiate the Notice Period

Sometimes even when everything goes well, you will have to wait the for the candidate's notice period to end. Sometimes candidate's want to take a break before joining another company.

Basically, they consider a job change as an opportunity. Fair enough, but if there is an immediate need, you should negotiate with him. Ask them to talk to their manager or HR, if they are in good terms, they will release their employee early from his services too.

P.S- This is exactly what happened at the time when I switched my job and joined Uneecops Family.

5. Use Assessment Software

Assessment software helps you a lot in conducting skill, personality, aptitude, and IQ tests. You can send the test link to the candidate via mail which he can attend easily, be it home or work.

This might like an added task, but it isn’t. In reality, it saves a lot of the time that you may otherwise invest in interviewing each of the candidates separately. These tests help you in filtering the candidates on the basis of their skill and expertise right in the beginning. Thereby leaving only those candidates that you should actually take forward to the round of interviews. Time to hire reduces without compromising on the candidate quality.

Recently we launched AirCTO Short Interviews which is a 15 minutes interview which helps you check if a candidate is quality enough to go the further rounds in the hiring process or not.

6. Take Group Interview

Group interviews reduce the interview time quite evidently. Fortune 500 Companies like Accenture take at least the first two interview rounds collectively. The candidates are then filtered accordingly thereby helping them in reducing the time to interview and thus hire.

One-to-one interviews consume a lot of time. The same gets reduced to just a few hours using this technique.

You can also opt for flexible interviewing, if you have a quality candidate. As the word suggests, it means, you should work according to the candidate’s time or day availability, phone interviews are also a great alternative.

This solely depends upon the size of the company and the number of people you are looking for in a single profile.

7. Have a Talent Pipeline

Even if you aren’t hiring actively, you should work on your talent pipeline fortnightly. For this, you need to know the roles you hire often or you would require in the future.

When you have a list of candidates ready beforehand, ultimately a lot of work is reduced.

The talent pipeline gives you access to the contact details of right candidates. You just need to call and inform them about the vacant position.

BONUS TIP: Apart from the aforementioned points, we also suggest you to post creative and brief job descriptions on social media. Social Media Recruiting is on the rise.


I hope you found these 7 ways to reduce hiring time helpful. Let us pledge to reduce your time to hire by adopting the tips told. Refuse to repeat the hiring mistakes you have already made in 2018. Why repeat the same old ones again? Try some new. Make new mistakes to learn and grow even more.

Also, don’t forget to tell us what do you do to reduce hiring time by adding the hastag #aircto & #hrone.