Looking for more in-depth resources around hiring. Don't worry, we got you covered.

We have have written two e-books. One is on Tech Hiring and the other one helps you to hire a frontend developer.

1. Ebook on "Building a Tech Team in 30 Days or Less"

Are you able to hire such Employees who are passionate enough? Developers who are skilled enough to create the next Facebook or Twitter.


In the past two years, we at AirCTO have figured out that a lot of the early age startups have no clue when it comes to building a Tech Team!

Hence we have created a 40+ pages Ebook on “Building your Tech Team” with contributions from Farooq Adam (Co-Founder at Fynd), Induja Rajendran (Lead Talent Acquisition at Freshworks), Himanshu Periwal ( VP at Growth) and others.

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You can get the Ebook using the form below.


2. Ebook on "The Complete Guide to Hire A Great Frontend Developer"

This is a complete guide consisting of 14 pages of technical questions, templates, and inputs from top Frontend experts.

It will help you in :

- Reach out and identify the right tech-talent
- Plan an end-end tech-interview process
- Increase conversion efficiency of tech-interviews

Download Here - https://mailchi.mp/95b8aedb1c0b/how-to-hire-a-frontend-developer

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