In our last post we talked about how an interview might throw away what it really wants - a potential hire.

Well, these interviews are complicated processes. One thing is they create the air of stress around them scaring the candidate and sometimes the interviewer too. ( Yeah, sometimes)

So can we make them easy for both the parties by unlocking the secrets of an effective interview? There are certain significant things to be spoken of an interview which are missed out currently.

Many of the interviews that we see around are one-way processes. Candidate enters the room, interviewer asks the questions, candidate answers or tries to answer, interviewer enquires of questions from the candidate and the candidate denies - most probably as the candidate is fed up or feels tired and forgot his list of Qs.

It feels kind of bored, isn't it? So the first point that we would like to make is this

Make it a two-way dialogue, let's move on to the point where we can actually have a conversation between the two parties- one who is hiring and the one who will be working.

The interviewer can't always forget that he wants to sell the position as desperately as the other person wants to sell himself/herself.

Though it is for a short time that you guys are speaking let's not forget the "rapport". The candidate might not get the offer, even if he gets he might not accept and even if he accepts he/she might not join. But forget all these if's and focus on the talk, building a good rapport with each other.

Rapport is not just a noun it's a feeling.

Tough Job != Tough Interview

When you want to check if the candidate will hold on for the tough job, you always try to simulate the tough conditions inside the room, which is impossible. Instead, why don't we spend time talking more about the tough job he/she handled while in the last job.

That would be far more valuable than putting the guy/girl to sweat. All we want to know is if the candidate is up for the job, let's know it then but how about peacefully.

Before we wind up, there is one thing vital about winding up.

Don't be in a hurry to wind things up or move on to the next candidate. Closure is very vital in the interview process so you better get it right!

Closure with thanks and feedback is the best anybody can get.

An interview is an opportunity for the candidate to meet the company and the company to the candidate. Never let it go waste. Because secretly, you are getting your name out- Marketing 101.

See you next time with an even more interesting bit.