Do you think it takes excellence to get the perfect result? It takes skills and perfection to achieve flawless results and that perfection comes when one is well aligned with the work with no distractions. It is equally applicable in every domain, and taking interviews is one of them. You may not consider interviews as something which requires experience and skills, but in practice, it does play an important role in the whole operations of an organisation.

The best thing to accomplish this success is through perfect hiring. In fact, interviews are the most important variable in the whole hiring process, hence neglecting the importance of it is a huge mistake one can do in a company. Let me give you a glimpse of what it takes to get the right hire in your organisation.

Interview planning

Any good interviewer would plan the interview as soon as he gets the resume of a candidate. He would prepare a list of standard questions to be asked in the interview, which primarily focuses on the skills and work performance. The interviewer also determines the measurable criteria to compare the candidates. Since developer positions need a report on candidate’s technical skills, a technical test is required for the same. Thus, an interviewer is also required to prepare a test to gauge the technical skills of the candidate.

In the interview

Experience and skills are the keys in conducting a brilliant interview. There are two crucial steps that an experienced interviewer would always take. One is asking the follow-up questions. This is what makes the interview interesting and the interviewer would then be able to dig deeper into the skills of the candidates. And other is taking note of the relevant information. A good interview would generally go around 1 hour and there are numerous relevant points that can be missed if no information is recorded.

Considering do’s and don’ts in the interview

Any expert interviewer would go ahead one step further and understand the candidate’s background. They also make sure that they would not take over the interview. They let the candidate talk as long as it is relevant to the interview. Importantly, they wouldn’t let their own preconceived notions or personal biases affect the opinion of the candidate.

Phew! You must have realized by now that what level of expertise is required to conduct an interview. Especially with one to one interview where candidate directly interacts with the interviewer.

Now, give a thought on the amount of time it takes to conduct this expert level of interview. It is practically not possible for your developers to devote this much time on the planning and execution of the interview. It is because they are supposed to work on the product building. Their primary job is to devote their focus on the product building, not taking interviews. Even if they conduct the interview then they have to compromise on their engineering work, which is not advisable in any organisation. The situation becomes more critical when there is a loss of time because of interviewing unqualified candidates.

One solution is to outsource your interviewing process so that your developers only have to conduct the final interview of a few deserving candidates. This way they don’t have to compromise on their development work and can devote a very little time to interview only skilled candidates. One such service is Aircto.

They help companies to vet the technical skills of the candidates by taking them with their hand-picked experts in the one to one interview. These experts have years of experience in the programming world and have taken umpteen numbers of interviews.

Outsourcing your interview process can significantly improve your overall hiring process which results in great candidates and very less pressure on your developers.