The post lists the best tools that can be used by developers. The list includes productivity tools, IDEs, text editors etc.

Are you still coding using old platforms & tools?


Level up! You can save countless hours by changing the tools you use for coding.

The list is completely in a random order & contains different type of tools including text editors, productivity tools & IDEs etc.

1. GitKraken

The tool has been titled as the “best developer tool” by multiple publications for more than 2 years in a row. It’s a Git GUI Client which can be used on Windows, Mac and Linux.

More than a million developers use GitKraken. This includes students as well as large corporations like Uber, Salesforce etc.

They have two main products, one is the Git Client and other one is the Glo boards. You can try both of them for free.

2. GitLab

Tried GitHub ? Not satisfied?

Try GitLab.

GitLab has been titled as the best code repository lately. It was the G2Crowd's (a popular software review website) best software for the fall of 2018.

Ricardo (a User of GitLab) says -

"GitLab is an excellent solution for those who want private or shared repositories and also require a private cloud installation."

3. Chrome Dev Tools

Chrome Dev Tools

As a web developer you must be knowing about Chrome Dev Tools. It’s a set of web authoring and debugging tools.

You can find these in the Chrome browser itself. These are quite handy tools especially for Frontend & UI Developers.


4. Sublime Text Editor

Still using Notepad? Level Up!

Use Sublime Text Editor!

It’s sophisticated text editor for code, markup, and prose.

Some popular features are -

1. GOTO Anything ( Open files with few keystrokes )
2. Multiple Selection
3. Command Palette
4. Split Editing

Overall Sublime Text Editor is quite a power Text Editor for coding.

5. Postman

Are you into API Development?

Then you must definitely check Postman. It’s a powerful GUI platform to make API development faster & easier. It’s used by over 5 million developers.

It’s one of the few apps which provides you a  complete API Development Environment.

6. Docker

Do you work on Windows application?


Then Docker is a great open source platform for developers and system administrators to build, ship, and run distributed applications.

7. Heroku

As developers you definitely know about Heroku. It’s a cloud application platform.

Here's what Dorr Weiss had to say -

" Heroku basically provides a higher level of abstraction on top of cloud (Amazon EC2) instances. They take care of all aspects of your "platform" (hence PaaS) so you simply deploy your application by pushing commits to your heroku git repository. "

8. Atom

Are you searching for a new text editor?

Meet Atom!

It’s a new text editor created by the folks at GitHub. It’s completely free and open source. There are lot of other IDE’s too, but you should definitely give Atom a shot.

9. Code Climate

Trouble with code analysis?

Try Code Climate! It’s a automated code analysis tool. It will help you to grade your application on -


Not sure yet? Don’t worry you can take a 2 months free trial.


10. The Silver Searcher (also known as Ag)

Looking for a awesome code searching tool?


Then “The Silver Searcher” is the answer. While there are other tools too, this one stands out mainly because of it’s speed.

It works on Mac, Window & Linux too .

11. MantisBT

Looking for a bug tracking tool?

Mantis Bug Tracking tool can be a great option. It’s an open source issue tracker. This tool also sends updates to your team on issues, via email notifications.

Overall it’s great application.

12. WakaTime

WakaTime is great plugin for measuring programming metrics. The app measures a lot of things like -

1. Amount of time you coded
2. Daily Average
3. Languages coded

It also provides metrics such as the time spent on a particular file, operating system, branch, and language.  

13. Intellij IDEA

Searching for a better Java IDE?


Then your wait ends here. Try Inntellij IDEA!

Created by Jet Brains, this IDE looks quite good. It’s packed with a number of functionalities and features.

The best feature by far is the suggestions and quick fixes for code issues. It works on Linux, Windows & Mac.

14. Sketch

Are you into designing websites and mobile applications ?

If Yes! Then you should definitely check Sketch. It’s an awesome design tool.

TechRadar tells -

“ Sketch endeavors to handle the design elements, and bills itself as a “design toolkit.”

15. Firefox Developer Tools

The list is empty without including the Firefox Developer Tools. Similar to Chrome Dev Tools, these are quite useful too.

With the Firefox Developer Tools you can examine, edit, and debug HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on the desktop and on mobile.

16. iTerm2

Do you code on macOS?

Yes! Then you should definitely try iTerm out.

iTerm is a macOS Terminal replacement. It will enable you with a lot of features.

Some of the best features are -

1. Split Panes
2. Hotkey Window
3. Search
4. AutoComplete

These are some of the few features you get from using iTerm.

17. StackEdit

Are you in the hunt of a good Markdown editor? Then you’ll love StackEdit.

It’s a rich markdown editor. It’s packed with features such as smart layout, live preview etc.

You can also add emojis 😋



We hope you liked our list. Please free to mail us your favourite coding tools, so that we can add to our list.

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