There is indeed a lot of competition in the media space. The spending in media market is increasing drastically and by 2021, it is expected to reach 2.2 trillion U.S dollars.

In such a landscape, breaking from traditional ways becomes imperative for a business to leave its mark. That is what Transfin, a media-startup based out of New Delhi, India is trying to achieve.

Transfin. is a Millennial-focused media platform embracing the best of digital. Like every digital startup, they want to recruit tech personnel of the highest calibre for their company to succeed in scaling up.

That is when they came across AirCTO. Being a non-tech founder, Nikhil Arora entrusted AirCTO with the responsibility for hiring the best folks for their core team.

Read the revelation of success directly from Nikhil, the Founder of Transfin.

Please tell us a bit about Transfin and the challenge that you faced while hiring technical folks?

We are a Delhi based digital news media company. We essentially crowd-source news content. In the media landscape, there are traditional media companies on one end of the spectrum, dependent on in-house teams and prone to editorial bias. Such players find it difficult to scale. On the other hand, you have pure play news aggregators or social media companies, where quality of content is the pain point instead of scalability.

Transfin aims to bridge this scale-quality gap by crowd sourcing from its users but editorialising the content received. We exclusively cater to Millennials who prefer news content to be multi-platform and multi-format.

I am a former investment banker specializing in merger & acquisitions. For me, the biggest challenge when I started Transfin. was that though I understand UI/UX of tech products, I’m not really a tech person.

Therefore, the initial part of our product development was done through outsourcing. It was not the best option and was of course expensive. By the time, they were done with their part, it became imperative for us to hire an in-house tech specialist who can take the product forward and build the tech-arm of the team.

I had an initial idea of screening CVs and finding basically who to talk to. But while hiring an assessment component is very important. Initially I was dependent on a few friends to conduct coding tests and interviews, but the logistics of coordinating diaries as per my convenience was an issue.

That’s when AirCTO played a major role. That is indeed a big gap that you are targeting at, and it has really worked for us.

How did you come to know about AirCTO and how did you decide that you want to use it?

I was trying to find out companies who can help me with hiring tech-candidates, and I came across AirCTO. The website looked quite professional and when I logged in I saw that the entire platform is very seamless. Also, you guys were providing quality experts for the interview.

So, I took a call there and decided to go ahead with AirCTO.

So, did AirCTO help you in hiring good engineers?

When I conducted the first interview, I had asked for a recording of the same because I wanted to get a sense of the actual process. When I heard that, I realised that it was pretty well-structured. Post interview, I also took the feedback of the candidate on his experience, which turned out to be quite positive.

The entire process was very professional so I went ahead with you guys for all the interviews.

As I had mentioned before, this was our very first tech-hiring and before this we had outsourced our development. So, it was very important for us that we get the best of the folks for the core team.
We did about 8 interviews with you, out of which there were two good fits and we ended up hiring one of them. He is a full-stack developer and is taking care of the entire product.

Any comments on the interviewer & the product?

I had used only one interviewer for interviewing all the candidates. His feedback was well-structured and it helped me to efficiently take the call on hiring.

About the product, it looked pretty great and was very responsive. As soon as I booked slots for the interview, there was quick follow ups. The best part about AirCTO services is that it is very well-structured.

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