There is indeed a heavy competition in the television ad-space. TV advertising spending is estimated to reach $72.01 billion, representing 35.8% of all media ad spending.

In such a landscape, “precision targeting” becomes very important; so does targeting the correct audience. This is what exactly Adcuratio is trying to achieve. They are trying to target their audience in such a way so that the right message reaches to the right people. And we all must have heard the saying,

“Behind every great product, there is a great team.”

Being a tech-heavy product, having a great engineering team becomes imperative for making a mark in any product-field. And Adcuratio was looking for some great folks to join their development team in India and were struggling to meet their hiring goals.

That is when they came across AirCTO. They first started using AirCTO for hiring for the position of Data Scientist and then went on to use it for hiring for all of their open engineering positions like Software Developer and Tech-Lead.

Read the revelation of success directly from Adcuratio’s HR Manager, Ms. Diksha Shukla.

Please tell us a bit about Adcuratio and the challenge that you faced while hiring technical folks?

So, we are a US based company and we are capturing the ad space in the US. Our development center is here but the whole team is based in the US. We are trying to break into the ad-space and promote advertisements in a better way.

Talking about the challenges, the main challenges were, we were not getting good resources that we were actually looking for. Evaluating them was another problem, and even if we got the resources, it was quite difficult for us to retain them. These were some of the biggest challenges we were facing.

How did you come to know about AirCTO and how did you decide that you want to use it?

My manager had come across AirCTO and he had created the account. He was hiring some data scientists and he told me to connect to the AirCTO Team since he was quite impressed by the quality of the candidates which you guys efficiently filtered out from the bunch.

So all the candidates which were shortlisted fulfilled the basic criteria that we were looking for.

Also, I was pretty impressed with the detailed feedback which you provided for each candidate, you have a team of experts who are very efficient in taking up the interviews.

So, we have entrusted AirCTO with the whole recruitment process, and we plan on maintaining this bond with AirCTO in the months to come.

Yeah, so that's in short why I choose AirCTO.

So, did AirCTO help you in hiring good engineers?

AirCTO has saved a lot of time for us. If we are putting the resumes today, I am getting the response within the next two days. That is indeed a very quick process and then I get the feedback report and everything. So, I am really satisfied with the quality of the interviews.

With the help of AirCTO we are connecting with good candidates and we have converted 2 candidates out of the 6 good-fits which you guys had given. We selected them based on your feedback itself.

Both of these candidates were for the position of software developer. Since AirCTO provides the feature of choosing the experts, we choose the expert wisely who has a well-proven track record of conducting great interviews.

Also, we have the option of downloading the audio as well. So, we can listen to the entire audio. For example, we have a bit of doubt after hearing the recording, which is like in 1% of the case, then only we would go for other rounds. Else, we won't go for any other round. We send them the offer straightaway based on your feedback and the audio.

In terms of saving time, did AirCTO help?

Again, I would say AirCTO definitely saved a hell lot of time for us. Generally, if we talk about the recruitment process, it generally takes one whole week to get the interview of a candidate going, now when I compare this with AirCTO, you guys do it in just two days. Like today I have uploaded a resume, and today itself I get notified that so and so interview will be conducted on so and so timeslot; I can see the interview and the interviewer details as well as the detailed feedback. So, I am really very much satisfied with AirCTO.

If you would have to rate AirCTO on a scale of 5, how much would you give us?

I would give you a definite 5 on 5 because I don't see any fault on your end. As soon as I upload the resume, I get the feedback, if I face any technical issue, immediately resolution is given to me. So, as far as I am concerned, I am really happy with the work that you guys are doing. It's very swift and going on very smoothly.