“Facts and ideas are dead in themselves and it is the imagination that gives life to them.” W.I.B. Beveridge

Imagination has been the key to every single one of the greatest inventions in the world. People created things that never existed before as they were able to imagine.


What is imagination?

It is an unbound way of thinking where anything is possible. In the realms of human mind brilliance is childish and genius is the summit. But do all of us get to that state where we could envision the future, relive the past and station the present?

How does this relate to our usual discussion of interviews? It does have more connections than we can think of. We live in a world full of possibilities and all it takes to bring them to life is imagination and creativity.

Creativity is valued by everyone. When you get creative you shatter the other person's view of the world in a second, giving him/her another perspective to look at things. You break free of the conventional chain of thoughts. You give birth to innovation.

Creativity inside an interview room could change the whole point of an interview in a second. Job knowledge is out there, anyone can grab it, but not everyone can put it in better ways to solve the problem at hand. Are you that person who can solve puzzles with a wave of hand?

If there is one thing the world has taught us it is this. There is no dearth of answers but of questions in this beautiful world. Socrates asked more questions than he answered. He loved to think, think and think again. During his time science and philosophy were not that different but soon science got fond of numbers while philosophy stayed with reasons. It is true that statistics help us make decisions but intuition decides. A famous quote to embellish our discussion.

I have five of the most powerful friends in the world and they taught me whatever I know till now, they are Who, When, What, Why and How

These five people can clarify you of your utmost self. They radiate an aura of awareness.

No one understands the power of questions until they reveal the right answers. Interviews are opportunities not only to show that you can answer but also to demonstrate that you can ask.