If you are an entrepreneur, then no doubt you have been taking heck lot of pain to build your own Burj Khalifa of your vision. Of course, the even faint smell of success is too important to you. Thus, you always on a track of getting things done and more importantly, how you and your team would execute it.

For all your startup journey, your team should serve as a powerful engine. Which is why you want to have genuine and talented people in your team, and to judge them you must come up with such questions which bring out the real talent of the candidate.

Or, you are may be an HR manager who is responsible for getting awe-inspiring candidates for your beloved company. The need for having a right candidate is same in both cases.

But, how do you make sure that a candidate is right at his/her answers? More often than not, the candidate would have prepared answers for your cliched questions. You must cut the platitudes to get the most out of an individual.

Be creative and yeasty around your questions. Frame your questions according to the situation that they might have faced in their last job.

Here are the questions that need to get polished and reframed, as you are likely to get well-rehearsed answers otherwise.

Why do you need this job?

Search this question on any search engine, and you would get bombarded with zillions of websites that have well-written answers to it. Try to come up with a question which gets you an unprepared answer. One example would be “List 4 best things that you think our company has for the position you are applying, and why?” This way you would get a sense of the seriousness of a candidate towards your company.

What is your greatest weakness?

Here it comes an epitome of cliche question. If you had asked this question a century ago, then it would make much sense. Answers to this question managed to made it on every possible website.

Who would have thought hiring managers would continue to ask this question even today. The more practical question could be “What was the failure that you had faced in your last job?”. A candidate could easily relate himself to this question and would come up with an unrehearsed answer.

Where do you see yourself in next 3 years?

You should and must have ambitious employees in your company. Who wouldn’t enjoy working with a person who foresees goals to achieve in life? Indeed, being over ambitious becomes a little annoying for other employees. This same question above tries to extract how ambitious a candidate is and a commitment he/she could make for a company.

But again like any other questions, it entails heavy downside to it. A good candidate could lose out an opportunity on the basis of this question. Instead, hiring manager should ask a candidate of his next 30 days goals. This is more practical and would help to judge his/her planning strategy, which is what comes handy in day to day job.

There could be numerous creative ways to extract the real information out of a candidate. A little twist to cliche questions could make a lot of difference in getting a right candidate on board. Be creative on your hiring mechanism and surely, You end up having a team of great talent.