Generally, hiring is a process that runs constantly in any business. This statement seconds the fact that employee retention rate tends to vary, which is dependent on various internal or external factors. Considering the growth of startup industry in the past few years, it is not hard to believe that hiring process has taken the place in one of the top priorities in a business. Hence, hiring manager holds a very crucial role in an organisation.

“With great power comes great responsibility” - This may sound like the clichéd dialogue of Peter Parker, but it holds a significant importance in the overall focus of any HR managers or recruiters for that matter. They have a lot on their shoulder when it comes to a cycle of a whole recruitment process. Sourcing, screening, taking interviews, employee engagement are some of the tasks that an HR manager would perform on a regular basis. Of course, this is not an easy task because both recruiters and HR managers face a bucket list of challenges in the recruitment process.

Here are some of the challenges that recruiters and HR managers face in the recruitment process.

Maintaining quality with speed

No one likes to interview a completely unqualified candidate. Especially, for the engineering role where a developer of the company spends his productive hours on interviewing candidates. Which is why recruiters always want to make sure that they would get only those candidates for interview whose skills are well aligned with the company requirements. At the same time, they also have to make sure that the velocity of the process doesn’t get affected. Hence, the biggest challenge here is to get the right people for the interview in a minimal time.

A complete balance between old and new

With the advent of social media channels, all other recruitment strategies have taken a back seat. Platforms like Linkedin and Github have almost all the relevant information that you need to source the right candidate. But, you may miss out on some candidates who are not at all active on social media, hence this is where an ad placement comes to a rescue. It is really important to keep the healthy mixture of recruitment methods to get the most out of the hiring process.

Low employee retention rate

The major setback for any recruiter is when their employee decides to leave the organisation. It is definitely not acceptable to any organisation if any of their employees get demotivated and leave the firm. The cost is directly incurred by the recruiter, as it involves hiring cost as well. Thus, the role of HR manager here is to keep them motivated. A motivated employee would obviously work hard and deliver better performance. But, it is a bit challenging task to motivate people. One has to come up with the innovative but effective strategy to touch the satisfactory effort.

No HR managers

This would sound bizarre but it is the truth for many startups. Having no HR manager would ultimately result in a heavy workload on the top people in the hierarchy. Why? Because they have to take care of hiring process as well. Startup with a few people may not need someone who is full time dedicated to take care of recruitment process, but the presence of the same becomes important once the company grows. Recruiters do face lots of challenges in the hiring process, thus a good HR expert is needed to save the drowning boat.

All these challenges can be overcome with the right strategy and the focused approach. Hiring is a journey and one should always keep the spirits high at each point of hiring process. Happy Hiring!