In this post we'll be talking about candidate experience & how you can improve it.

Hiring has considerably changed in the recent times.

While the demand for developers is high, the number of quality developers are quite less. Out of this only a small chunk of these developers are looking for a job change.

According to a data -

75% of the developers are not actively looking for the job

So, how does a company compete with other companies in hiring top talent? You might think higher salary, but about 80% of developers don’t care about the salary (data from StackOverflow) when reviewing a job.

Candidate Experience!

Yes, a stellar candidate experience can make all the difference when it comes to hiring developers.

Hence, in this post we are going to talk about 7 elements that are very crucial to take your candidate experience level to another level.

1. Understanding the Applicants

Do you know what is the single important thing when starting a business, blog etc ?

It’s about understanding your target audience.

Similarly, for excellent Candidate experience it’s quite important to understand the applicants first. We are living in the age of millennials, whose behaviour & interests are very different compared to other generations. Hence, any old method might or might not help in providing a stellar candidate experience.

Just for an example, screening in older generation was usually done through multiple emails or over a phone call. But in 2018, these methods are rarely used. Recruiters prefer screening using chatbots. Candidates also like this method (also because they are always glued to their phone), it’s faster for both parties.

Hope you understand the need for analysing applicants & their behaviour.

2. Improving the Application Process  

Candidates hate a long application process. Nobody likes filling thousands of fields for applying for jobs in which chances of getting selected is less than 1%.

Please, don’t try to bring candidate’s interest into this. It’s not about candidate’s interest or how bad the candidate’s want that job.

It’s more about improving the funnel upfront. This is crucial because if the funnel doesn’t convert properly, you’ll be losing on a potential hire.

3. Providing Feedback to Rejected candidates

We at AirCTO work with a lot of candidates. Though only few get hired, we make sure to take feedback from those applicants who couldn't make it ahead .

One common complaint candidates make is that even after giving the final interview or tests, they aren’t informed if the position was closed or not. They are clueless if they were selected or rejected.

No, this is not only done by smaller companies but large companies do this too. The problem is that even if you aren’t hiring a candidate , because they made it to the last round, he/she is a potential future hire.

A normal email is sufficient to notify the candidate that he wasn’t selected or we are yet to announce the result. Also, if you can tell the candidate where could they could improve , it will largely help in building a strong relationship. You can always leverage this relationship later.


4. Effective Communication is the key

Communication is very important be it team or a company. The same applies to applicants as well.

The more the candidate understands about the company, role & the culture the better.

So what are the ways one can communicate better?

No, you don't always need to communicate over a call. There are other ways too -

1. Careers page - The careers page helps the applicants know more about the company. The pictures, videos helps candidates perceive if the company is right or not.

Ixigo Careers page

2. Chatbot - I’m very confident in 2019, you’ll see more companies using chatbot. I understand more companies use it for support but can be also used for solving candidate’s solution. These things are automated so the only effort you’ll have to put is just the initial support.

3. Email Support - The simplest thing for communication is the mentioning a specific email at your careers page. Make sure to mention a turnaround time. For example, 1-2 days.

Flipkart Careers Page

5. Video - Job Description & Recruitment Video

According to WordStream -

85% of the US internet audience watches videos online.

This is same for applicants as well, rather than a plain careers page , a video would do a great job in engaging the applicants.

There are two types of videos you can make -

1. Recruitment Video

The main aim of these videos is that to give an overview of the company and the culture followed there. Here’s a very good example from Zendesk -

2. Job Description

Companies have recently started implementing this. For every job role, the recruiter creates a video where he exactly tells about the job roles & the requirements. You can also create a video which covers the journey of that individual for a specific role as Amazon has done below -

6. Faster is not always better

So, the normal conception in hiring is that faster hiring is better, but it’s not the case always. Data shows that slower hires are better. I understand some times companies are in the need of an urgent hire. This could because of a big project or recent funding etc.

In an article in Harward Buisness Review, Greg McKeown concluded -

''Hire slow, Fire fast"

Though there is mixed opinions regarding this statement.  

But there are some very clear advantages of a slower hire -

- The applicant and the candidates both gets enough time to evaluate if it’s a right fit or not.

- Candidates also have time to properly think if it’s a right move or not. There are many time when the candidates ends up making the wrong choice because they didn’t have enough time to analyse. The last thing you would want is an employee leaving after a month or two.

7. Tracking the metrics

Few months back we talked about few important  recruitment metrics that one should track when recruiting. These metrics can tell a lot about the candidate experience.

For example -

Application Drop off rate - This is the percentage of applicants who start the application process but don't complete it.

This data will clearly tell you if you need to make changes in the application process or not.  



Hope you have a few takeaways after reading the article. Candidate Experience is crucial , be it a small company or a large one. These days are dedicated people for this.

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