Hiring environment has been rapidly changing. Companies are going in for a hard competition to attract the top talent. But only a few manage to succeed in this hiring race. Why?

When your aim is to hire the best talent then the focus has to be changed completely from company to the candidates.

In the hiring process, one has to learn the significance of this sentence - 'It's not about you'. Focus your strategy from the candidate's perspective and surely you will be in a position to attract a relatively impressive number of top engineers.

We've listed down some activities that companies usually do when they are in the hiring mode. We've then introduced the candidate-centric approach to accomplish the same task in much more efficient way.

Sourcing through job boards

The problem with job boards is that there are too many of them. And the majority of them do not provide quality candidates. The reason for this insufficiency is their intrinsic generic nature. Practically, anyone can come in and make an account on these job boards. This sounds fair but it also compromises on the quality of the candidates. Interestingly, you could find lots of similar set of candidates on every job boards. These are the hungry ones who are aggressively looking for a job but do not qualify for the same.

Rather think from the candidate perspective. A candidate who is looking for a role in a startup is more likely to visit websites like Angle.co, which means if you are a startup then you should spend your energy on such focused job boards.

Also, you must acknowledge the fact that many talented candidates are passive in nature when it comes to a job change. They might not be even looking out for a job change. How do you get the attention of these candidates? You should adopt the strategies to source through social media.

Solely relying on job description

Not many people are aware of the fact that job description and job posting are two completely different things. You just can not rely on the job description to act as an alternative to the job posting. Generally, job description comprises all necessary details that are required for the candidates to execute. It also contains the necessary prerequisite skills that a hiring manager/company is looking for.

Whereas, job posting has an altogether different objective. It should explain about your company or rather market your company to the candidates. You tend to engage with the candidate in the job posting, unlike job description which tells important aspects of the job only.

Not having a dedicated web page

If you actively hire people then make sure you have a dedicated web page which shares the details on open positions and on the skills you are looking for in each role. It is always better to include the kind of work the candidate can expect.

For example, Dropbox has done a marvellous job on their ‘Work at Dropbox’ page. They have introduced their work culture and have praised as to how their employees' work is impacting the business.

Candidate can find all relevant information on their website which leaves no room for confusion. They know the power of candidate centric approach and have beautifully executed it. They have even introduced their current team members of the same department. Brilliant!

Making the candidates wait for weeks

There is nothing worse you can do to your hiring process if you don't keep updating your candidates about the interview feedback and the rejection reason if they are not selected. This would hardly take some minutes out of your busy schedule and won't hurt your productivity.

It would be great if you could automate the feedback system so that you don't miss out on giving important information and feedback to the candidates.